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Why Religious Believers Are So Desperate for the Atheist Seal of Approval
Bob of QF
This is well done:

Why Religious Believers Are So Desperate for the Atheist Seal of Approval
Many religious believers are intent on getting atheists' approval for their beliefs. If you're hoping for that -- don't hold your breath.

November 26, 2010

If you hang around the online atheist world long enough, you'll notice an interesting pattern. Many religious and spiritual believers who engage with atheists seem very intent on getting atheists' approval for their beliefs.

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It is well done, although I thimk that attempting to get an atheist thumbs-up would most assuredly be the first step in proselytizing. The article does touch on it with the 'if we were impressed with your religion, we wouldn't be atheists' line.

I'm much more likely to get proselytized right out of the chute anyway.
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Personally I think his breakdown of the theist 'understanding' was simply wrong.

From my experience theists assume we have abandoned religion for emotional/traumatic reasons (abused as a child by some religious member, loving sin itself, etc.) and protest that what we do know of religion is misguided and misunderstood.

And as for respect of our passion for truth and careful consideration of evidence, how could that be so when they drop the line that they follow the homosexual zombie jew because the Bible told them to?

And again, from the conversations I have had, many theists think that people follow the likes of the Qur'an because they are fooled by the devil.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh took him a while. He retracts that he is speaking about the majority of theists. He is referring to the internet based, wishy-washy 'im with you chuck' types that follow the pattern of conspiracy nuts - the 'Im a skeptic just like you, but can you see in this photograph that Hillary Clinton is actually blinking like a lizard'.

Much better read now.
I wonder how much of that perception is due to proselytization? Religious people seeking to convince us of the rightness of their beliefs try to frame things in such a way as to get us to see Christianity in a positive light so they find points of agreement.
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Doubting Thomas
I agree, Seeker. I've never heard or read any comments by theists wanting approval from atheists which didn't include agreeing with their religion and therefore converting to it. Usually the "seeking approval" means you have to agree with them 100% that their religion is the right one, and if not then eventually their true colors show and the "you're just going to burn in hell" type comments come out.
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