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NASA: Aresenic and Life
Very interesting. (sorry, can't make the URL button (or any of the other ones) work)
Indeed it is very interesting.
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Bob of QF
Pharyngula had some interesting things to say about this. If you like NASA's report, I suggest PZ Myer's comments are worth reading as well.

Here: [url][/url]
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Picking a couple of small points Bob of QF, Mono lake is a very old lake. The author of the article you linked to got that point wrong. It is a remnant of a much larger lake that is (according to a web site I found) at least 800,000 years old and may be as many as 3,000,000 years old. Further its chemistry is odd because it has not had an outlet for a very long time even in geological perspective. This has only been altered slightly by the diversion of inflows and that situation has improved some in the last 15 years or so.

The water is diverted by Los Angeles Water and Power if anyone cares. An agency that has completely dried up Owens Lake. There was a level of criminality at the other end of the pipeline as well as that shown in the movie Chinatown.
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