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Bodies The Exhibition
Has anyone been to this? If so, what did you think?

It's here in Albq. and we're going to see it Friday. I'm so excited - I've been wanting to see it since the first time I heard about it.


This exhibit was totally fascinating.

I loved that they used the actual human cadavers instead of making the exhibit from man made materials. It covers all the systems of the body and was quite extensive, including slices of MRI images of a human body from head to toe displayed in a very large case.

I highly recommend this if any of these are shown where you live (there is more than one company that does this).
I've seen Bodies: The Exhibition in New York a few years ago, and Gunther von Hagens
I had heard that the cadavers in the exhibition were supposed to be those of Chinese people, but I hadn't heard they were prisoners. There wasn't a single mention of either of these facts anywhere within the exhibition itself, or on any of the printed material we saw.

Personally, I don't have a problem with them having been prisoners*, because I figure that even if any of them were the rottenest scoundrels around, or worse, at least this way they've done something beneficial for human kind, even though they never knew it.

I was a little surprised at the notice just as we were approaching the reproductive section that if anyone had an issue with seeing fetuses they could bypass that portion and continue ahead of it. It explained that the fetuses on display were not the result of abortions, but rather had met their demise due to natural causes such as miscarriage or stillbirth.

I guess I just assumed they wouldn't display aborted fetuses, mostly because to me it's obvious that wouldn't be necessary. There was a fairly steady and good group of people going through the exhibition and I didn't notice anyone bypassing that section, though I'm sure it happens.

I suppose there are those who would want to bypass that section for reasons other than thinking the fetuses could have been aborted - some may just be uneasy or even queasy with that sort of thing. I know people who wouldn't be comfortable with viewing any of the bodies or specimens, and the fetuses could be particularly difficult.

I loved the pathology and treated bodies aspect of it too, though I thought it could have been more extensive. Come to find out at the end from a woman who works with the tour, there is actually quite a bit more to it, but not all of it is displayed at every location they travel to. So with that in mind, I would love to see a few more of these.

Photon, how did your kids like the exhibition? I know there are tours specifically designed for school age kids, and I think it's a wonderful opportunity for them.

*Of course, if there were any that were prisoners because of 'crimes' such as speaking out against their government, etc., I can see why that would be an issue of conscience for some.
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My kids really liked it, we even took them into the fetus and pregnancy portion of the exhibit, which garnered the most questions. My wife has a biology background, so we kind of conducted our own little tour with our kids, brief explanations on each piece. It was fun. Our 5-year old didn't know the word for "breasts" and upon seeing a female cadaver (most of the specimens are male), he said "Hey, that body has ... those things ... that Mommy has", and then he reached up and squeezed his mother in a way that I get into trouble for doing so in public.
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