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Global Warming News
Well, somehow we got a good discussion going on green energy, global warming, the Gore plan, the Google plan, and whether it's all overblown (or not).

I thought it deserved its own thread.

I just ran into this article about China's new nuclear efforts.

This article is all about electricity production, but we all know that the ability to 'reprocess spent nuclear reactor fuel' is a process that yields Plutonium, as in nasty nasty nuclear bombs.

What do you all think China will do with this?
Can they be trusted? (to only make electricity)
Can the Chinese Central Committee of 2020 be trusted? (Sure, you can trust the group that's in power this year, but once they have the stuff....?? Just look at the former Soviet Union countries
The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.
Men are sheep in credulity, but wolves for conformity.
That cat's been out of the bag for years. Here is an article discussing China's nuclear development. Note that they never needed an excuse to build nuclear technology before, why would you think they need one now?

Someone brought up the notion that the 90's was the hottest decade on record and came to the conclusion that the world must now be cooling. Of course that ignored the fact that the 2000-2010 decade had not yet finished, now that it has the last decade has supplanted the 90's as the hottest on record. Here is a discussion that also deals with some other misconceptions.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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