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MIT's Technology Review
At least as good as NASA Tech Review

Published by MIT

I subscribed to the RSS feed

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And I enjoy reviewing their archival articles

Happy reading, everyone.
A Way to Make the Smart Grid Smarter

New solid-state power-management devices will charge cars fast and make the power grid more flexible and efficient.
* Wednesday, December 22, 2010
* By Kevin Bullis
Smart Transformer: A prototype of a smart solid-state transformer from the Electric Power Research Institute. It
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Bob of QF
Interesting stuff.

I see maybe a hundred components in that set-up, perhaps more.

Whereas in a traditional transformer, there are 3 (essentially): the input coil, the output coil and the soft iron core assembly.

The only way a traditional transformer will fail, is if one of the wires in either core fails (melts).

And in the old "electric wars" which pitted Edison against Westinghouse, Westinghouse won. (Edison was pushing for direct current, while Westinghouse opted for the cheaper A/C).

One of the reasons why Westinghouse won against Edison's DC, is because with AC, changing the voltage from one 'size' to another is quite simple, if not all that efficient.

I'm all for innovation, but reliability is just as important as efficiency.

And my opinion of complex electrics is not very high-- how many times have you heard about needing to replace a PC power supply? With me-- all too often for such a simple thing.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

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