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Hello peoples!
Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone. I miss you guys so much, but I simply had to take a break. I have a hard time keeping my emotional distance in debates and disagreements and felt it would be best to take some time off from it. I hope everyone is doing well.

I am currently ignoring the attempts of an acquaintance on Facebook to lure me into a debate-she's a fundie from way back and she's managed to turn her previously rational husband into one as well. Oddly enough, they have another friend on facebook who is an up front atheist-we were both shocked by finding out these fundie folks had TWO out of the closet atheist friends. I have to admit, it is funny watching her throwing out all these assumptions and alleged "facts" about atheists and thinking that I don't see right through her.

I have however become more fundie-like than ever in that I now homeschool my son! LOL! Not really home school-he goes to a charter school online. He went from being unable to pass a single academic class last year to making the honor roll this year. There's a lot to be said for better supervision and interaction while learning. I think this type of educational environment could benefit a great many autistic or otherwise learning disabled kids.

I'm off to prowl the boards...Smile
Hi schmoo! Good to see you around again.
Good to hear that about your son. Sometimes kids just get lost in the system instead of getting the individual attention they need.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Hi Skeeve-it's good to be around again!

Seeker-that was exactly what was happening. The special education system works well if your child happens to fit one of the slots that they can actually work within, but if your child does not fit there, they just keep pushing them on and doing just enough to satisfy the paperwork requirements. They do very little, and truly they cannot do much, to actually work with the child if the childs needs are more than the school can provide-DoDDS-0 schools have incredible funding so when we lived in the UK he had everything he needed. Here, you have to fight with a teacher on a daily basis just to get them to comply with any aspect of the IEP.

I finally decided that enough was enough-I sent him to school for 7 1/2 hours a day and he came home with no work done. The school expected me to ensure that he did the work and learned what he needed to. I was essentially already home schooling but doing it on the public schools schedule, as a friend who used to be a teacher herself pointed out to me. I decided I had better ways to spend my evenings.
Oh wow-I'm seeing so many peeps I thought were gone forever from AdotCom! Jeager, Nails, Jayon...just to name a few! SO cool!
Hello to you Schmoo - great to see you here.

Good going with taking the school bull by the horns. I'm not at all surprised that you stepped up and made sure your son's path went in a different direction. So glad he's doing so much better with school work now.
she's a fundie from way back and she's managed to turn her previously rational husband

schmoo, its amazing what the lack of sex can do to a man.

Nice to see you back. I didn't get dragged into one of those debates on facebook, I just took issue with a line - you can read it all over in my latest thread.
Doubting Thomas
Welcome back, Schmoo. Hope you hang around the boards more often.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
Where is your latest thread? I know there's probably a way to do it, but I cannot see which threads you've posted on.
I'm certainly going to try to do so, DT. The stress of trying to get this child a decent education combined with DH retiring from the military at the height of the job and financial crisis and being unemployed for 9 months sort of took all my energy and focus.
Wave Hypatia!!! I'm absolutely astonished by how well he has done-I really only ever wanted him to just do all of his work and turn it in on time. I honestly didn't care about the grades-how was I to know there was a straight-A student in there?
Schmoo! So good to see you posting again, and great news about 'Bug'!

Yes, arguing with fundies can be very tiresome. My cousin and I get into it occasionally. I try to avoid the subject because he's hopelessly infected, but it's difficult because he can't stay away from the subject. For one thing, he is a recovered alcoholic and credits his 'seeing the light' with being able to get off the bottle. It goes on and on.
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"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Hey Schmoo! I'm glad to hear Bug (I assume you're still calling him that) is on honor roll. Hope the new year is a great one for you both.
Oh yes, he is still my Bug! LOL!

Catman it's always lovely to "see" you as well! This particular fundie seems to have gotten it into her wee pea brain that two atheists merely introducing themselves is an appropriate time to try to start a debate over why we have the audacity not to agree with her theology. She's never been particularly well-mannered in any case, though, so I tend to simply walk away and will do so in this instance.

Besides, she may still be harboring a grudge against me for stealing all of her underwear from her suitcase that she'd packed for her honeymoon. Possibly. But honestly who needs panties on their honeymoon!?!?
Hahahaha! That depends on what time of the month it is. Hopefully that wouldn't happen during a honeymoon.

Manners, civility (and everything else) are always trumped by religion.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Doubting Thomas
Funny, we call our son "Bug" or "Bug Bug" too.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
I know a lot of people that do, actually, but it always seems to suit the children with the nickname! LOL-maybe they're all just wee little pests (though mine is almost as tall as me and has bigger feet, so I guess he's a big pest now...)

BTW-Catman, there's a link to youtube videos of my cats in "My Precious". They do look like they hate each other but believe me, they do that every day and then spend the day laminated together next to the furnace. I think it's a ruse...
For some reason, the word 'bug' isnt used much in the UK, the only reference I can think of is to if someone is annoying you, and you would use the longer 'bugging', as in stop bugging me.

I am a great believer in the ability of near all people to suck up knowledge and actually use it well - the sad part is there is no one hard and fast rule in education that will work for all people. I would like to bring up the historical greats be they engineers, scientists or philosophers, they tended to make their great discoveries after an apprenticeship or by having a one to one tutor.

On another note, I would have been fucked if my parents home schooled me. Dont get me wrong they were encouraging through school and made sure I was doing my homework, they just wouldnt have been any good at teaching.

Well done schmoo.

The other thread was Christian Charity Grates.
Doubting Thomas
Well our little one gained the nickname when he was on the floor at my father-in-law's shop and found a bug on the floor, which he tried to eat. Apparently the bug bit his lip and he started crying saying "bugbugbugbug." So we call him Bug Bug because of that, and because he's cute as a bug.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
LOL-DT that's just too sweet! My Bug sorta kinda got his nickname in a similar way. A moth had smacked into a friends ceiling fan and been flung to the floor, Bug crawled over to it, snatched it off the floor and before I could get to my third "NO!" (no No NO!!!) he stuffed it into his mouth and swallowed it, then looked up at me like the cheeky little monster that he is and grinned-you know the grin, the one with hardly any teeth and a lot of drool that causes parents to swoon and childless people to vomit. Especially if the grinner has just swalled a moth.

TE-I don't actually do the teaching. His teachers have set classroom times online, he gets on the computer, joins the classroom and attends lectures. If he has questions he calls or emails the teacher, or attends office hours to chat online. If the computer misbehaves he calls tech support. I generally just supervise homework and provide transportation to state mandated tests and school field trips, in addition to nagging him to pay attention to his teacher. One of the rules of this particular school is that a parent is required to be at home with the child during classes-apparently middle school children are troublesome when unsupervised online!
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