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Fishing contest in WoW

My son and I play WoW, (World of Warcraft), and have been trying for almost a year to win the Sunday afternoon fishing extravaganza so his Night Elf Hunter can get the swim form (a trinket that turns you into a frenzy fish so you can swim fast). Today I had the required amount of tasty fish to win two minutes before the person who won had them all...BUT I was running late when I logged in and my hearthstone couldn't be used because I had used it to hearthstone to Booty Bay in time to be in the contest. (It can only be used once per hour).

Sooooo...after a friggin' year of trying, we would have won today if I had not have been running late and my hearthstone had been usable.

I'm a sad panda.

At least I was able to buy the very rare Rockhide Strongfish from another fisherman for 20 gold, and I fished up the rare fish that gives the fishing hat prize on my level 70 feral druid.

The Rockhide Strongfish is a mace that looks like a fish. I will enchant it and send it to my horde shaman troll. She can then beat people to death with a fish. I already have the Rockhide on one of my son's toons, a Dwarf Warrior. He has the fishy mace and a beer stein called Mug-O Hurt. He beats things to death with a bear stein and a fish...LOL




It's kind of funny that I do so much fishing in WoW. I don't fish much in real life. On the L70 feral druid I have Snarly, Muckbucket, and the Mr. Pinchy's Crawdad pets, as well as most of the the fishing gear.



I played WOW for a while before I realized that I could easily become addicted to it. I had a level 70 human mage that I built in something like six months. I remember it struck me one day that I hated farming for fire to make my mage gear (which I made) and that it was too much like work.
I can relate to both of ya'll.....I have a lvl 80 Enchanter in Everquest and I finally got bored of playing him. New expansion in November, might log back in and check it out.

I usually don't play as much in the summertime anyway, so I guess when the weather turns cool, I head back to Norrath. Wish I had a fish and stein to kill stuff with. Wink

To link my main character, heh.

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We have four accounts. My son and his wife used to play but got burned out so we have their accounts now. We have about 35 characters of different levels and classes.

I agree it sometimes feels like work. We are in that strange mindset of thinking about quiting and then getting frustrated because we've put so much work into the characters. We haven't decided whether to keep playing or quit.
You are right about that. Once you've put in the work to build the character it is not only hard to leave but you feel obligated to keep it going.
I've never got into it. I get addicted to gaming quite easily. If I get a new game for my (yes I know it's outdated) Gamecube I don't move till I've completed the whole thing, plus extra scenarios and gained all bonuses.

Games today are so different. When I was a kid it was the Commodore C64 which used a tape deck to load games and took ages to load up.
I miss playing WoW sometimes but I'm kinda glad I don't play anymore. It took up too much time and it did take a lot of work.

Ray (My husband.Rayven's Son) and I want to find a MMO thats nothing like WoW or any other MMO thats out right now.
GP: I still have a functional Commodore 64! I still play with it from time to time, just so I won't completely forget how BASIC works (don't ask me why).

I'm still addicted to playing Scrabble, the old board game, when I can find someone to play it with.
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My brief experience with MORP games was such that I never had interest in playing again-- our party ran into the MORP equivalent of an internet troll.

This cured me forever of trying to play with total strangers, who have no personality skills and are too happy to screw you over at the first opportunity.

Tried again with Diablo II-- same result.

Coming from an old pen-and-paper AD&D (version 1) tradition, where loyalty to your part was paramount, and deviations from that were not tolerated, I found the whole online experience distasteful.

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catman wrote:
GP: I still have a functional Commodore 64! I still play with it from time to time, just so I won't completely forget how BASIC works (don't ask me why).

I'm still addicted to playing Scrabble, the old board game, when I can find someone to play it with.

Commodore's were great. They had cartridges too if I remember that loaded up instantly. I remember sitting in front of it all day when I got it.

If you showed Kids today a commodore, or a early Nintendo they would laugh "but there isn't any speaking", "Why does he look like a square?" "What d'ya mean it isn't 3D"

I'm gonna have to explain to my kids (when I finally get some) what a VCR is. Hell, DVD will probably be obselete now that Blu-Ray is apparently the way forward!

As for boardgames, I still love playing them. there's a wonderful compendium that includes monopoly, scabble, cluedo and the basics (chess, draughts, snakes and ladders etc) all in this one woodern box with a changable lid. It's brilliant, I must own it. Hmm, payday today. I have a cunning plan!
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