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We the people
I think we have as much reason as people in the north african world to take back our lives as they try to do. Will we do it. I do not think we have the courage.
Bob of QF
Agreed. At least, not in the current lifetime.
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John - We could do it as long as the revolution doesn't interfere with our social calenders.

The fact is that as long as a majority of people are relatively happy with their lives there won't be a will to change anything.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
seeker, I remember well in my first year of college being handed a pamphlet from the IWW (an organization I admire for the most part) telling me how the working class in this country was ready to revolt. I came from a comfortable working class family. I came from a comfortable working class community. None of these people were ready to revolt. My extended family is for the most part comfortable. We may have great grievance with how this country is run but we will (with the exception of me) not take to the streets to change it.

Sad but you are correct.
I have a history of the IWW. I am surprised that they were still active by the time you were in college (they were most visible just before World War I). Good old "Wobblies". That was back in the days of anarcho-syndicalism, a difficult concept for me to fully understand.
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