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Navy now trumping up non-DADT charges to get rid of suspected gays
What is going on with our military? Used to be a time in the past where they followed orders.

The Navy has already found a way to kick out suspected gays, even without using the DADT policy. And the sailors in question have no choice but to hire civilian lawyers to defend them because sexual orientation isn't included in the Pentagon's non-discrimination policies, and won't be even if DADT is fully repealed this year.

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I wish I could say I'm surprised. The Navy has long been the most backward of the services when it comes to such matters. I'm trying to remember what the "Tailhook Scandal" was all about.

Never mind. I just looked it up! Nothing to do with gays, but a huge sexual impropriety affair which the Navy attempted to cover up.
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This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. People that hate always find ways to express that hatred.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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