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It Must be Fiction
To entertain myself tonight I watched a few versions of "The History Detectives" a fairly amusing show on PBS. One of the vignettes was about a book describing life as a plural wife in a mormon household in Utah, a very negative description. Some effort was made to determine the author but it was unsuccessful. The book was determined to be fiction because it did not accurately portray the death of Joseph Smith. It was compared to the Arthur Conan Doyle book "A Study in Scarlet".

It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. The mormon religion is at best bad and more likely evil. I lived for almost a year in New Mexico and heard tales of them literally buying children from native families. Polygamist communities of mormons are perhaps the most repressive of women in the entire world. One should stay out of the state of Utah unless one has the right connections or is just traveling through.

Both "A Study in Scarlet" and the book in question provide an accurate view of mormon life. "A Study in Scarlet" is clearly fiction, accurate or not. But to the extent that I could tell the other book was an accurate portrayal of plural marriage. To casually label it fiction for one factual error does a disservice to the people watching.

As long as you are not muslim the american media will portray your religion as at worst neutral, and more likely inherently good.

A side note. Southern Idaho has a large mormon population. Twice when crossing from southern Idaho into northern Nevada I have passed through the town of Jackpot, Nevada, a gas station, a motel, a casino, and a whore house. In all fairness the major highways between California and Nevada have similar towns just across the border but the two lane highways in the middle of nowhere do not.
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