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Texas Lifts HS Public Prayer at Graduation
It's because this article says the ruling allows students to say 'amen' and invite the audience to pray at high school graduation ceremonies that I'm putting this in 'Christianity'. I know that it can be said this ruling would/should theoretically apply to any student(s) who want to pray at the ceremony, regardless of religion, but my thoughts are that xtianity was the real reason behind this, and that it is expected the only prayers that will be said at these ceremonies are only those that would end with 'amen'. Let's see, I'm trying to count all the religions that end their prayers with 'amen'. Hmmmmm.


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Certainly it shouldn't be illegal for students to say a prayer at a graduation ceremony...individually. But having someone lead the students over a PA should be illegal. Even if a majority of students are in favor of it, it amounts to tyranny of the majority, and definitely a breach in the wall of separation of church and state.
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Operation Equal Air Time is needed then. That school needs an influx of muslim, jewish, hindu, scientologist, raylean (?), spiritualist and other apparent proponents to stand up at graduation and lead their prayers.

"There is but one god, Allah is his name and Mohammed is his prophet..." and see how well that goes down.

Also, the atheist kids should lead a nice moment of thought, reminding them all that it was through their own effort that they have graduated and to think a deity - creator of the universe has any interest in their passing grades is selfish and belittling of said deity.
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