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Vancouver Riot Embarrasses Canada
Well, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is over, The Bruins won (deservedly so), and a few idiots decided to destroy downtown Vancouver. I watched most of this riot on live streaming news feeds, and there were some pretty disturbing images. I thought the police handled it very well, with the exception of arriving late at a few incidents, though to be fair the violence was occurring in multiple locations, and they were employing a strategic advance approach against the rioters.

Vancouver rioted in '94 too, after the loss to the Rangers in Game 7, though the 2011 one was more serious in terms of rioters and damage.

The majority of Vancouverites, and pretty much all of Canada is embarrassed by this fiasco. Social media is playing a huge part in the identification of the criminals, after some alcohol-fueled hooligans actually updated their Facebook profiles with photos of them standing atop burning vehicles, and thousands of people took pictures of the perpetrators which will help with the prosecution. Looting of drug stores, burning of vehicles, setting fires to stores and garbage, destruction of businesses and personal property, it's all very disappointing.

Police have identified a few known "anarchists" who also staged violent protests at the Olympics, and it was pretty obvious some rioters came prepared with gasoline and gas masks to cause trouble, and gauging by some of the comments of those arrested, this wasn't so much about hockey as it was about destroying capitalism, or something like that. Still, enough drunken Vancouver fans egged them on and participated to make a blemish on the city for years to come.

One girl did flash her tits though, so I guess there's a bright side.
I've been watching that on the news. What a bummer. I am sorry that the lovely city of Vancouver has had to go through that.

Good to hear from you again, Photon! It's been too long.
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Thanks! It has been awhile.

It's not all bad news from Vancouver: the city has come together with some civic pride and volunteers have helped to begin the cleanup.
They still play hockey?
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Odd, it does not surprise me when cities like Oakland CA. or Detroit MI. riot after championship games win or lose, but it seems so unlike what I know of Canada for it to happen there.

I have never spent any time in Vancouver, nor much in Canada in general, but I have spent a couple of nights in Victoria. My wife did have her laptop stolen there, maybe I have to rethink my notion of the country.

I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
catman wrote:

I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out.

[img][/img] is not a valid Image.

I've never heard of this guy before, but apparently he's financed an attempt to identify those responsible for the destruction caused by the riot. Good luck with that.

Canadian singer Michael Buble has financed a campaign to help identify rioters responsible for the destruction of downtown Vancouver following the Canucks' loss to the Boston Bruins Wednesday night.

An angry mob tore through the city following Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Cars were set ablaze and overturned, beer bottles were flung at officers, and looters broke into department stores as police used tear gas and pepper spray to try to quell the outbreak. There were also reports of stabbings during the ordeal.

Buble, who attended the game and witnessed the calamity first-hand, has paid for a series of ads to appear in local newspapers to help identify the culprits after being left "disgusted" by what he saw.

"I was crushed," Buble told The Globe and Mail from New Hampshire Friday night. "I felt sick inside. I'm so proud of my city and any chance I get I promote it. I tell people how great we are. It's crushing to have a legacy like that tarnished by some losers."

Wednesday night's riots left more than 150 people injured, with at least 14 police officers also hurt. At least three people suffered serious injuries, including a man who remains in critical condition after falling from a viaduct.

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Photon, Photon... hmmm, do we know a Photon? Sounds familiar, but, I dunno...

Michael Buble is a really good jazz-influenced vocalist. He's rather well known in the USA. A smooth singer! And three cheers for him for his financial support for finding the 'losers'.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
The attempts to identify the looters and other criminals have been met with moderate success, there are a few blogs and through various Facebook pages, a number of these people have been identified. The problem is that, even though every one of the perpetrators exercised horrible judgement on that night, there is now a sort of vigilante-ism running through the country a sort of righteous anger "to make these people pay".

Now, don't get me wrong, I think they should pay, possibly with both criminal justice repercussions and monetary compensation, but a few things about this process have disturbed me:

- a number of underage high school offenders have been identified, which does run into problems with the Young Offenders Act. On a side note, one of them actually defended his caught on camera smashing of a rental car business window by saying "it was already broken, i swear, and it was a drunk mistake. please don't judge me", kind of dumb to also admit underage drinking.
- a number of these individuals, through their own stupidity by placing their crimes on Facebook, are now receiving some disturbing threats from angry Canadians.
- one person is a university athlete and Canadian Olympic hopeful, and that dream has sailed (probably justifiably), but his parents are well known, and people have been contacting them and threatening them too.

I want justice too, but mob justice goes a little too far.

Buble is a proud Canadian from the Vancouver region, and I understand his desire to help with financing the police task forces for this event. Of course, being in the top 5 for wage earners by musicians in the world doesn't hurt either.
Wave Hi Hypatia!
It is a very strange state of affairs.

What I do not understand about people in general is that they violently protest at things like sports events, or a large retail group opening a new shop in a small town, but when it comes to the lead up to a war, you mainly get quiet ones.

I think if you are going to go out and cause mayhem and engage in violence - do it prior to the government making the decision, and at the places where the government conveigns (i dont know how to spell that word).

I know a Canadian through a game I play online - he is disgusted by professional sport in general - he thinks it a huge tragedy that children grow up neglecting their studies on the hope they can make it big in some sport. This I find is true about celebrity also.

And really, to the kids who got involved when they were drunk, I can understand it - I started drinking seriously at 14, around the time I joined my rugby club. In my later teens I did do some stupid things that, although I admit bring me a little mischevious joy, I wish I had not done. Never did start any fires though.
In the lead-up to a war, the reason(s) for it are usually wrapped in a flag, and people who dissent are branded as unpatriotic at best and traitors at worst. After 9/11, there was a lynch-mob atmosphere (which is understandable), tailor-made for getting into war. The specter of the Twin Towers burning and crashing to the ground will be used for the next fifty years to justify whatever the Republicans want.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
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