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Flash Fiction Contest Entry
I entered a Flash Fiction contest. There is a five hundred word maximum and you must begin your story with the given first sentence prompt. I'm at 499 excluding my four-word title. The deadline is tomorrow and the voting takes a few weeks. I'll let you know how I do:

A Handful At Harp’s

With trembling fingers Dana picked up the envelope. Flipping the unsealed flap, two hundred-dollar bills peeked back at her.

“You done real good Sugar, we’ll see you tomorrow night,” said Reba Harp, the owner of Harp’s Bar and Grill.

Dana nodded. “I guess that means I’ve got the job,” she thought. After tonight, her first night, she wasn’t so sure.

Harp’s place was no three star establishment, just a shot-and-a –beer joint serving burgers, fries, and a daily special to the blue collar stiffs from the local docks and factories. Dana had never waitressed before but according to Mrs. Harp, there wasn’t much to it as the customers liked their food the same way they liked their sex, hot and fast and followed with a drink and a smoke.

Bubba Danforth had brought in his crew as a token of appreciation for getting the rail spur renovation completed two days earlier than he had bid. Bubba was a big man and took good care of his boys, including hot-headed but hard-working Jimmy “Bones” Smith and crew jokester Bob Riley.

Dana had replaced their supper dishes with pitchers of beer and shots of Jack over an hour ago. When he thought she was out of earshot, Bones says, to no one in particular, “Got damn that new waitress is hot. I’d swim seven rivers of shit with a bobcat under each arm just to smell where she peed last winter,” to the amusement and approval of his tablemates.

‘Bones, if she was lookin’ for a needledick that shot off in two minutes, she’d done right findin’ you,” Bubba said as the crew roared and Bones reddened. Bones wasn’t much for a come-back and knew this brotherly teasing was much more entertaining than the television blaring in the corner.

Dana brought another round and was bending over the table next to Bones. As she stretched to unload a drink, Riley saw his chance. Reaching behind Bones, he squeezed the left cheek of Dana’s ass through her tight denim shorts. Instinctively, Dana grabbed the pitcher of beer off the tray and dumped it on Bone’s head.

For a moment, silence fell over the place broken only by the spatter of drips from Bones and the droning television. A man who dumped beer on Bones would have had his face torn off by now, but Bubba shot Bones the don’t-even-think-about-it look. Riley was already out the door, his apology to Dana will come at lunch tomorrow. When Dana threw her bar towel at Bones in disgust, the place erupted in laughter with some of the crew falling out of their chairs. A few managed to wave twenty-dollar tips at Dana which she collected storming back to the kitchen.

“I guess I’m fired, ain’t I?” Dana asked Mrs. Hart.

“Fired? Are you crazy girl? Go dump one on Bubba’s head and make some more tips. Them boys ain’t had that much fun in years. You done real good Sugar, we’ll see you tomorrow night.”
Hmmm, I like it Kowboy.

Good luck.
I like the "swimming seven rivers of shit", line. It reminds me of a friends writing. Three novels and a book of poetry of his have been published.
Edited by JohnH on 06/26/2011 10:28
Bob of QF

Well done! I'd vote for you to win.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
JohnH wrote:
I like the "swimming seven rivers of shit", line. It reminds me of a friends writing. Three novels and a book of poetry of his have been published.


I wish I could take credit for that, but it was told to my nurse brother by an elderly patient when he spied a young female. My brother told it to me and it was too good not to use.
At this writing, I'm in a three-way tie for first place. You can read and vote on the other seventeen entries here:

Kowboy, stealing someone else's phrase is perfectly acceptable particularly when it is so right. I still use vice virtue for vice versa, stolen from a former girlfriend some 45 years ago.
I ended up in a three-way tie for fourth place. Not bad with eighteen entries.
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