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Tiny Home
So there I was, devouring all the internet had to offer on the modern day revival of living small when 'Tiny Home' fell into my lap, but before I get to that...

... I have been moving house every year since leaving home and still continue to do so even though university has finished. I lived in student halls for the first and second year, moving back for the summer breaks. For my third year I was in house number 78 and then for the two years after 68 on the same road.

Before the current address (set to move out this Friday) I was in an intermediate house for a month while this adress was finished (landlord had extended the house). Housemate wise, it went 6, to 5, to 10 to 8 (and a slightly different 8 the second year in that property) and on to 3+1 (in the intermediate house, +1 being the lover of a housemate) and then 5+1 at this address. I will be downsizing to a 1+1 (the same +1 as in the other instances).

With this in mind you can imagine I have lost, gained, dropped and gathered a lot of possessions - I gain great joy from my possessions (useful things, tools, computers) but it is a ball-ache lugging them around. I may have mentioned this before around this time last year.

The idea of reducing my possessions to the bare essentials feels like a dirty fantasy of mine. As with the earthship concept I have mentioned before, these 'life-editing' scenarios look to boil down your energy useage and number of possessions, but with the small/tiny/micro home movement this is primarily done by occupying ever smaller spaces - more often than not shacks on the back of trailer beds (half the size of a caravan?) being the end game.

It appeals to me because I have always wanted to build my own home, and on the realisation that the market will never again favour first time buyers, and is rent driven this may be a way of getting out of the property-to-rent money sink, and on to something I own outright - I just dont know the UK legal side of this, the info so far being US-centric.

So back to the top, I have been watching a lot of videos about the small homes of other people, and how they have adapted, and how the life makes them feel, when I clicked this link:

Also, worth the ear tickling (and will most likely do your spine too):

As well as the quality of the singing which makes me all warm on the inside, the idea of me passing on the videos to you lot, to usher a similar response as I found, makes me smile. Please Enjoy.
Another one.

They need to hurry and get their stuff up and ready for sale. Going to look more see if I can find.
The rabbit hole grows...


They each have other bands, the lady 'Sonya Cotton' and the guy 'SHAKE YOUR PEACE!'
Lovely stuff. The only problem I had with them is that the acoustics weren't conducive to making out many of the lyrics, which wasn't helped by the very precisely played guitar being a bit loud in relation to their voices. But they are very good harmonizers! I especially liked Higher than a Hawk.
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I believe they do parties and weddings, so a lot of the recordings are made on site.

A good recording studio would improve it, and mean I could get a copy too.
Nice find.

Sometimes modern music is so overproduced that its nice to just hear simple melodies and harmonies well sung.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Definitely like. Thanks TE!
Excellent. I really like them. Good vocals and harmonies. Thanks for the links T_E.

T_E, have you heard about this little house? It's called 'The Cube Project' and I watched something about it on t.v. a few months ago.

I had not hit on that particular one, but it does seem to bring the earthship and mini-home thing right together.

I think it is the first one I have seen with a washing machine in though.
Is it me, or did he say "four-foot bed" in that video tour? Does that mean something different in the UK, or has the house truly been built for Hobbits or people willing to sleep in a fetal position out of necessity?
I think four foot bed refers to the width, lengths are typically the same (save for king sized beds or childrens).
Cynic wrote:
Is it me, or did he say "four-foot bed" in that video tour? Does that mean something different in the UK, or has the house truly been built for Hobbits or people willing to sleep in a fetal position out of necessity?

I heard him say 'four-foot bed' too. But he also said it's larger than a standard single or single double - or something like that. It looks like it might be just long enough. Definitely looks like it could be an uncomfortable squeeze for tall people.
It is the width, a small double is four foot by six three.

Anything other than a King size, while sleeping flat and parallel to the long edge, has my feet over the end.
I think I could tolerate that for small stints, like using it as a hunting cabin (if I hunted) or something similar, but for longer durations I'd rather a queen-sized bed like I'm used to. (Anything less and Mrs. Cynic wins the game of Qix that is our sleeping habit outright.)

The cube thing was neat, though probably entirely inappropriate for a couple and a death trap for a family. I've always thought my ability to adjust to cramped spaces would allow me to deal with submarine duty pretty well, but ultimately I like my vertical space and even normal-sized houses with low ceilings drive me outdoors. Which, come to think of it, wouldn't be that bad most of the time.
I do like nice high ceelings and suitably dimensioned doorways.

I hate modern build houses, its like they have taken their yard stick to cottages and scaled from them.

I would much prefer small living quarters with a huge workshop area over a larger house with no place to do such things - ha, but either way im stuck in rented accommodation for life most likely.
Here where it's hot much of the time, high ceilings are nice because they give hot air more area to occupy. It makes a difference!

I don't like the McMansions either. My ex-wife said they look like mountains. That's as good a description as any.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
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