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Oklahoma courthouse to display "In God We Trust"
The Ottawa County commissioners voted unanimously to approve a resolution Monday to display a motto in the courthouse that references God.

The proposal came before the commissioners after the county received a letter from two Springfield, Mo., attorneys asking that a resolution be passed allowing the motto to be put up. The letter stated that several cities across the country were displaying the motto.

But it was the possibility of litigation that led commissioners not to take any action on the resolution. Soon afterward, many Ottawa County residents let the commissioners know that they were in favor of displaying the motto. Many residents and church groups appeared before the commissioners at their weekly meetings to voice their support.

Every fucking year they pull this BS somewhere. Why do they try to shit on the Constitution at every turn?

[This is from May, just noticed the date of the article. American Atheists just posted this and I assumed it was new. Apologies.]

UPDATED: Newer link, same story. It appears this is still going forward-
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From the article:
The resolution called H. Con. Res. 13, came in a letter addressed to the McAlester City Hall as well as Pittsburg County commissioners from the law offices of Dee Wampler and Joseph Passanise, trial attorneys in Springfield, Mo. In the letter the government officials were are asked to consider posting
It would be nice to think that all this is about people on the defensive finding ways to protect their illusions. It is not. America is unfortunately a christian nation, perhaps the most so in the world. Its morays and politics are heavily driven by the christian church, not logic and thought and careful argument.

We are a fish swimming downstream to spawn. Particularly in places like Oklahoma.
Why dont they just make it simpler, and tattoo "In God we Trust" on all believers, and have the tax payer pay for a hand held mirror for each of them, then, where ever they go it is with them, and if they need reminding they only need bring their government issue mirror.... the backwards writing may confuse them too much though.
Bob of QF
Good idea, TE--

-- only tattoo it in mirror-image, so the sheep won't be all confused and shit.

I would suggest the tattoo go across their foreheads.

Of course, you might need to shave off a unibrow or three, to make room...
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
I thought of that way round, Bob, but then thought, as with the upside down cross and upside down pentagram they will go around killing eachother for having god backwards so thought the right way....

... now that i give it more thought, maybe backwards is best.
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