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RIP Texas Education
Don't forget, this is the first week of the new curriculum down in Texas.

What Did You Learn in School Today? (The Texas Version)
by Craig Studer

Millions of Texas students head back to school this week confronted by a dramatically altered, state-mandated social studies curriculum.

The contentious hearings of the Texas State Board of Education received considerable attention in the spring of 2010, but seem to have fallen out of the public consciousness as the new school year begins. The new curriculum, officially called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, deserves renewed attention, as it will undoubtedly surprise most Texans.

The fiercest battle during the board's hearings was fought over the 11th-grade history curriculum, which in Texas is "United States History since 1877." The exception to that timeline is the new state-mandated "Celebrate Freedom Week," during which students will learn about our founding fathers. That sounds simple enough, except that the only founding fathers included in the curriculum are Benjamin Rush, John Hancock, John Jay, John Witherspoon, John Peter Muhlenberg, Charles Carroll and Jonathan Trumbull Sr. What about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or John Adams? They are nowhere to be found in the new high school TEKS. Students apparently learned everything they need to know about them in eighth grade.

More at Common Dreams
Very weird. I know that in california some local school boards have been taken over by extremely right wing people due to public apathy and the inability of the public to get information about who is running for those positions. It sounds like the texas state board has been taken over in a similar manner. It is just that some of the politics are unclear, such as not mentioning George Washington, what is that about.

One of the sad things about this is that texas purchases so many school books that what they want in their books often effects what is taught in other states.

Hopefully when it sinks in to the texas public what is going on at the state level they will pay greater attention when the state school board is next voted on. That has happened occasionally in california when the public realized how hard a political agenda was being pushed by a school board.
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