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Rabbi pleads with atheists [strawman is made of straw]
Disgusting, disingenuous article written by a rabbi, basically laying out the future acceptance of pedophilia and bestiality at the feet of atheists.

[quote]The atheistic notion that life emerged randomly from ancient Earth
I read the whole thing. Interesting in that all the comments I read were negative, who reads this jewish newsletter.

The question of what is immoral and moral is interesting. The atheists they quoted tried their best to point out that those terms are loaded with the anchor of outside authority. If one is an atheist one accepts that the authority is self imposed. One does what one finds acceptable and avoids that which one finds unacceptable, both in the context of not offending or harming others. It can be made particularly complex if one is a formal ethicist.

The rabbi focused on inter-generational sex (pedophilia) I actually prefer the later term because I think most people who engage in sex with someone much younger than themselves are usually a bit off. An argument can be made that if the sex is consensual it is ok. I do and will continue to have a problem with that because I think that the adverse power situation for the younger member of that sort of union puts the older member in too much control. But, I also understand the attitude that if no one is harmed it should not be considered bad.

The greater question is morality. I realized reading the rabbi's article something. Morality is assumed to be imposed from an outside authority, and contains absolutes. If one questions the need for outside authority or absolutes one is by definition amoral. The first sentence in the article is "It is axiomatic that in the world of the atheist there is neither morality nor immorality, only amorality". Those who might embrace the term amoral because it denies the existence of outside authority therefore must be capable of doing anything, robbing a bank, screwing my daughter, blowing up an airplane, you name it.

Insisting that outside authority is not required and one should consider the actual effect of an act before determining whether it was correct or incorrect is too complex for most people. They want to be told in absolutes what is correct and what is incorrect, mostly they want to be told. I would like to believe that atheists do not want to be told what is correct and what is incorrect. I think they mostly know it.
The rabbi's article is indeed disgusting. I would almost feel sorry for those who have no internal perception of right and wrong (a 'conscience' as it were), were it not for their constant harping on the necessity for getting one's ethics from an imaginary supernatural source. In a sense, I consider such people disabled mentally, although in the case of clerics, alleged authority conferred upon them by their imaginary deity renders their motivations more suspicious.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Thou shalt not have sex with children...

How about sticking a 'or sex act with' in there, oral circumcision anyone?
If I could have been bothered to jump through the hoops involved in signing up to comment there, I would have brought that up as well TE.

As a rabbi, I'm sure he's put a few penises in his mouth.
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