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I Have But One Question For You...
Who put the benzadrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine??


This afternoon I had a hankering for a glass of chocolate milk, but there was only Ovaltine in the cabinet (which I did't have a hankering for). One thought led to another, and the only line from this song I could remember was, 'Who put the benzadrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine', and so I found this.

Didn't do much to quench my thirst for a glass of chocolate milk, though.
That advertisement at the end of the ad would be sure to blow current Republican/tea party minds.


To think chocolate milk could be so subversive. Although from the picture, it makes me anything but feel gay. If I were a woman though, I'd totally hit that, and the little bird too.
Never heard that song before. Nice
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
A true story. Some 40 years ago I was visiting friends from Vista (I thought I could stay out of the army and Vietnam by doing that, it did not work but the reserves did), in San Diego. They were staying with a friend of theirs who happened to be a doctor.

The woman wanted some benzedrine and I wanted some too. I agreed to pay for and take some of the prescription. The drug was being commonly prescribed for weight loss at the time. The doctor asked if we wanted a prescription for 50 or 500 capsules. We settled for the 50 capsules.

It was a very powerful drug. I used it a couple of times when I had to go to work with a huge hangover. I could not believe that honest doctors would prescribe it for weight loss. Particularly 500 capsules at a time. Pay very close attention to what your doctors are doing to you.

I did learn something, I like speed so much I should stay away from it.
Today the only doctors who might ask a patient if they want as many as 500 of anything commonly prescribed now would be those at the clinic-marts, the prescription mills. Doctors have become very cautious - a lot of times to the detriment of people who need them - with prescribing narcotics, and a lot of health insurance companies will only cover 30 days worth at a time, or with some uncontrolled drugs 90-day supplies by mail prescriptions.

Long ago I did speed a few times when I kept longer hours and needed to stay awake to work. It was wonderful, until the 'crash'. Those were younger, less bright years, and before I knew anything about anything, like the added risk for brain or other AVM/aneurysm hemorrhages from speed, for example. ;-)

I'm pretty sure benzadrine was never on my fortunately somewhat short list of tried drugs.
I never did like anything that sped me up. I always preferred the opposite.
Another true story. I had a coworker that I very much liked. Among other things we would go out to the alley to smoke. He in his earlier life had been into meth. He told me a story that one night he completely disassembled his stove to clean it.

I have always preferred speed to slow. As I said above, to the point that I knew I should avoid it. Fortunately for me when the cocaine epidemic hit I had two children and they forced me to be straight.

Yes Hypatia the crash can be difficult. Take one more and hope for the best.

I wonder if theists think about these things, my personal belief is they do not. I suppose having a higher force preventing you from sin can have its uses. I choose to monitor myself, and prefer that.
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I never really understood the appeal of speed. They just make me hyper and nervous.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Just alcohol and tea for me - not together mind.

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Oh, and ovaltine is disgusting.
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Bob of QF
[url=]Theory_Execution wrote:[/url]

Oh, and ovaltine is disgusting.

I like ovaltine myself.... it dissolves better in liquid (than the other powders), and if all you want is a hint of choco flavoring, it works well enough. I've even sprinkled it dry, directly over ice-cream... it melts/combines with the ice-cream for a nice chocolaty flavor.

I find myself putting a bit into my morning coffee fairly often.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Betty Boop's skirt was kinda long in that one, but I liked it anyway.
The Ovaltine i last had I would not describe as 'chocolalety', now the word would be in the description, but so would 'pretty far from'.

Maybe I was ill when I tried it, but i am not willing to have another go.
It's okay, but not wonderful. I liked it when I was five or six years old. Now I like Dark M&Ms. Wink
I've never tried Ovaltine or benzedrine, both sound kind of disgusting really. I will poison myself with the occasional Diet Pepsi, but honestly that's kind of gross too. I hate the taste of alcohol and therefore don't drink, and have never smoked or done drugs (other than morphine in the hospital for surgery, that was kind of nice, and Tylenol/Advil). I find coffee bitter and revolting. Tea is passable with sugar, I guess.

I need a vice people.

Nevermind. My wife said it's sex. Booyah.
Ovaltine doesn't seem at all to be like I remember - as good as - from childhood. But then, that's true of other things as well.

It seems really light on flavor now, and the Classic Malt doesn't taste good at all to me. The Chocolate Malt flavor is better, but still doesn't cut it. Even Nestle Quick doesn't taste nearly as good as it used to.

I think chocolate syrup - like Hershey's, makes the best chocolate milk.

I don't drink much soda, but it's Coke when I do, except even that is trumped by homemade ginger ale.
Photon, if your vice is sex stay with it. It is better than most others.

I will still allow myself the occasional drug.
Hypatia, I dont know if I recounted by home-brewing of ginger ale story on here, but to cut to the end I had the heart beat of a Priest left unattended at kindergarten, a soaked bed and a lumpy suit jacket.
[url=]Theory_Execution wrote:[/url]

Hypatia, I dont know if I recounted by home-brewing of ginger ale story on here, but to cut to the end I had the heart beat of a Priest left unattended at kindergarten, a soaked bed and a lumpy suit jacket.

T_E it seems that I do recall you mentioning once a long time ago something about having brewed, or, um, tried your hand at brewing ginger ale. It sounds like a story I'd get a kick out of hearing more of - perhaps you'll indulge me sometime.

The ginger ale I make is non-alcoholic - it's made with just a simple ginger syrup (simple syrup with fresh ginger), which is then strained and mixed with club soda. I've heard it's good with whisky, but I haven't tried it that way yet. It might also blend well with vodka, but I like it straight up on the rocks. Commercially made ginger ale is quite a let down after experiencing the homemade variety.
Commercially made ginger ale is quite a let down after experiencing the homemade variety.

That was my opinion, my favourite commercial type is Old Jamaican Ginger Beer, but it started to taste too sweet to me, and not enough pep from the ginger.

So I got the ingredients, sugar, live yeast (was it?), lemon juice (from fresh lemons) and fresh ginger and wacked it all in a bottle with water. Now the aim was to produce an alcohol free type, but if it just so happened that a bit was formed, I was not fussed.

I read it takes 18-24 hours to brew, but it is wise to unscrew at least once during that time to relieve pressure (also to leave a gap at the top of the bottle, so the gases had a bit more space to get all excited in.

So after ten hours of the stew-a-brewin on the corner of my bed, next to the radiator, I let out some pressure and climbed into bed to sleep.

Set my alarm clock as to not run over the time and ruin the taste for 8 hours from when I hit the pillow.

There was a wardrobe at the foot of the bed, I am no great fan of the things, they take up space and you have to mess around opening the doors to get at things, so one of the doors (the one that could run flat against the wall) was always open.

So there I was, snug and dreaming of relaxing on a beach, sharp ginger drink in a glass in my hand, ice cubes clinking as I swilled it back, when BOOOOOOMM!!!!!

I woke with a yell "Ahhhhhhhh!", found myself on my feet, fists clenched, as my mind woke up the crushing reality dawned on me, I looked to my left, back to the bed and saw lumps of ginger driping of the unoppened wardrobe door, peering beyond and in through the open door, I saw my only suit blazer dripping.

The bed was soaked and the floor was soaked also, I dragged the clothing off and piled it on the floor to save the mattress. The smell was quite pleasing.

And then my bedside alarm went off.
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