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Social Networks Dominated by Atheists?
Not sure I really believe the title, but I don't know. I doubt if atheists dominate any arena, and I'd be curious to know if atheists, or related material, actually 'dominate' YT, but I don't doubt there's a larger online 'community' for and consisting of atheists et al.


When it comes to conversations about religion, atheists are said to dominate YouTube. The number of high profile atheist YouTubers vastly outnumber all the high profile theistic YouTube channels combined. Many atheists YouTubers have even gained something of a celebrity status.

ETA title.
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Atheists may be looking for an anonymous place for them to connect. I would suspect this is some part of the reason for a high level of contact on internet sites.

I am lucky I live among a significant number of atheists. But, look at the number of members here who live in communities dominated by the religious.
I know that there is a fairly good number of atheists in NM, with both local and online presences. Religion is definitely here, but I think for the most part the religious and non-religious co-exist fairly well here.

I'll be moving to North Carolina in less than two weeks though, and I haven't hadn't any personal experience with that state, but I think outward and overt religiosity is definitely more common there. That has been my only real concern about living there. I'll be in a small town that is very close to a college town, and the arts and performing arts communities are plentiful. It seems the overtness isn't as prevalent in this area as in the more central or eastern areas. At any rate where I'll be is beautiful, scenic and green, and I'm already thinking that will be one of the things that will balance out any added obvious religiosity.
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