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The Temptations or the Miracles
I have for many years had a fondness for Motown groups. I think this is a somewhat serious question. Which do you prefer the Temps or the Miracles. I think I prefer the Miracles because of this one song but damn it is close.


If you are ever in the Detroit area visit the Motown Museum. To be in the the studio where so much good music was made is a rare privilege.
But there is also this song. It does make it difficult.


Oh and when this was popular I was losing a girlfriend. A difficult situation and this song helped and hurt.

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That's a tough call. The Temptations might have had better voices overall but the Miracles had Smokey Robinson.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

I am in the mood to be obnoxious so I will apologize in front.
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Because some person in the legal profession insists.

And because I love this song.

But there is always this.
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My apologies for the above post I will edit it when I am allowed to by the machinery.

But I do not offer anything the machinery seems to be preventing it. At least I was allowed to edit this.
Since I am wearing my Stax t-shirt maybe I should recommend to you all to get on you tube and search for the Stax/Volt concert in Norway, I assume Oslo.
Nothing obnoxious about those posts John. The Temptations were a great group.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Something different. I love Stax/Volt.
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Seeker, yes you are correct. The Miracles had Smokey.
My apologies again.
In YouTube links John, look for the '&' symbol. Delete it and everything that follows it, then put the link in the video tags.

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Great song choices, btw.
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I like both very much, but of the two I'll have to go with the Temptations. It can be kind of close to call when listening to some selections of either group, but even so, I think I end up favoring the Temps.

Apparently the first video posted has been deleted by YT.
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