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Texas Burning
Good grief but Texas has much on their hands with something like 63 fires burning. In addition to the evacuations there has been a lot of property damage.

There are fires close to Houston, and I think Fort Worth, and some of the worst has been around Bastrop. Bastrop is where my dad lives, in a nursing home. Fortunately the home didn't have to evacuate, but I've been nervous about it anyway.



Catman - have you seen any fire in your area, or had much smoke?
They should pray for rain.
Curious, on a road trip to New Orleans earlier this summer we skirted significant fires in both Arizona and New Mexico. I looked at the map of all the fires in Texas it looks bad.

What started all of them. Was it dry lightning.
I did see the smoke from the Possum Kngdom fires a few months ago when it flared up the first time, but nothing since then. There is a smoke advisory in the southeast part of the DFW area (from Waxahachie/Ellis County south), but not here.

The fire near Bastrop in Central Texas is huge, 16,000 acres at last count and still 0% contained. I have a good friend in Bastrop who had her new house built just two years ago, and I don't know whether it will make it or not. I talked to her yesterday and she was ready to evacuate if necessary.
Bob of QF
If we look close? I'd betcha the increased fires can be, in part, attributed to budget-cuts in fire-fighting areas, including cutting the number of firefighters on-staff...

... which can very possibly be tracked back to Bushya's miss-management of Texas, back when...

I'm just thankful there is a nice, friendly river between me and they...


As Skeeve pointed out, perhaps Gov Perry can tap into that lovely prayer-thing once again?

Seeing as how it was so successful the last time around?
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