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Ferocious Attack Kitten
Hilarious, adorable, ferocious 'attack' kitten:


The music was perfect for this video.
That is wonderful! I laughed all the way through that one. Now you've got me wanting a kitten (again)! They are so cute and funny. And you're right: the music was perfect!
Now did someone alter the music to better suit that video? Its like Disney the early years produced it, very fitting.
Those apples were terrified. They were so frightened they couldn't even move.
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They look really bright placed on that bed aswell. Id like to see a follow up video, where the cat has come to accept the apples as inanimate and then the owner gives them a bit of life through some mechanic and scares the be-jee-zus out of the cat.
Bob of QF
I recognize the classical music piece, but I'm afraid I cannot cough-up the composer's name, or it's title... sorry.

I do like the excellent way the video was edited to match the music-- well done.
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