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Luke Kelly and The Dubliners
Seeing as we are doing pretty well on the music area of the forums (look at the number of new threads compared to other listings), I thought I would bring up a band, specifically a vocalist who has had a huge impact on my life.

Listened to Luke Kelly and the other Dubliners since I was a child. Three of my grandparents were born in Ireland and we still have strong family connections over that way, I say over that way, theyre always round my parents house whenever theres a holiday or birthday or wedding or whatever.

So, for your aperitif, get this down your gullet:


Luke Kelly is the guy in the green shirt with the ginger afro.

And digestif:


And one of my favourites:


The big parties the family have will generally end up with us singing many of these songs, the aperitif above was what we finished on only recently for my little sisters engagement party.

The thing that lets me down with the singing, is that I forget the words on the night, I should learn one of these for my sisters wedding, imagine that as a present.
Theory_Execution, I am required by my mother's heritage to remind you that Dublin was established by vikings and offer my own and favorite song from Ireland. It is about driving the hated oppressors out. An emotion I find great favor in.
I hear Ptolemy referenced the area in 140AD (Wikipedia haha).

I wonder what the oldest Irish folk song is, which reminds me, there was a show I saw some years ago about Archaeoacoustics. They were trying to draw conversations and hopefully music from the surface of pottery.
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