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DOD gives thumbs up for same sex marriages by chaplains
John - Personally I'm against any kind on mandatory sentencing. The fact is that not all criminals are the same and not all cases are the same.
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Bob of QF
I'm with seeker 100% here-- that is the role of the Judge after all-- to 'judge' the sentence with respect to the law.

Mandatory sentencing removes the need for a judge in the first place.
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TE, please try to make you descriptions of what might happen a little less colorful. My own arse hurts as I write.

Bob of QF and Seeker, It should be obvious I agree with you from my previous posts.

Somewhere in the mid to late 1960's the american public was starting to be sold on the notion that "liberal bleeding heart" judges were not giving criminals enough time in prison. So the strong push for these sentencing laws got going. It is interesting to note that according to Wikipedia the US started passing mandatory minimum sentence laws in the 1950's. They also got a big boost from the notoriously unsuccessful war on drugs, may we all thank Nancy Reagan.

Not that all judges decisions were correct. People who should have served longer sentences got out early and committed more crimes. But those were the only situations discussed. What about the criminals who served way more time than they should of. Judges are people like Doctors are people, yet the public wants both professions to be perfect and if not they are punished.
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