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We all live on death row
Bob of QF
Yes... the cost of state-sponsored killing is always high, both in real money, but also in "face" or respect, I think.

I think that anytime our government willfully executes someone, it diminishes all of us just a little bit.

But the cost, because most states want to be sure, is prohibitive.

You can typically house 5 or 10 inmates for the rest of their lives, on the money spent on getting a single execution.

It's just not worth it. And it doesn't appear to work anyhow.

The only thing state-sponsored executions improves? Are the election chances of the next governor...
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Now my concern is, why are people being sent to jail for life if all evidence and proper process has not been obsevered? I gather this from the death sentence requiring a deeper look at the evidence - surely when someones life is on the line (locked up or ended) or even their reputation (in a community / business) everyone should have the time for a proper hearing.

I am based in the UK, so our age of consent is 16. On the point about teacher/student relations, as an underage kid, I wished a hot teacher would turn up at school and seduce me.
Bob of QF
There is one principle difference.

If someone is merely locked up? And new evidence proves he was innocent? At least you can let him out...

... try that with a coffin.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Ah the confusions of penalties. A woman in Tennessee was recently released from death row. She had been convicted of soliciting the murder of her husband. She was released because she had been abused and that was not taken into consideration at trial. The man who committed the murder remains on death row.


A rather difficult question. I understand the sympathy for the woman, but what about the man so poor he will take money to kill another. Of course I do not know the mans history maybe it is one of violence. I might still argue if that violence was driven by poverty.

It all gets very difficult in the judgement corner. Unless you are a religious person.
That is a difference, but does it excuse negligence in the first instance?

If we are saying there are two types of trial - a typical surface inspection trial that the 99.99% go through, and then the probing intense trial of those up for the death penalty - how can locking someone up for a day against their will be justified, if they have goen through the surface trial?

Obviously, practically speaking it is best to separate people if their is suspicion of crime - so they do not have the potential of doing more harm - just inerested in how you would respond to that one.

The woman would have been let off due to the constant stress and torment she faced in life due to her husband. Whereas the constant stress and torment of the murderers life, poverty could have easily have been fixed by him spending money!

That last bit is actually something I have heard from posh people and Americans (they will often say he could have just went out and worked harder).

This american dream thing creates the illusion in american society that you can have anything you want if you just work hard enough. Utter bullshit ofcourse - there are many obstacles in your way - some just get lucky breaks.

There is a show on UK TV called The Wright Stuff - one discussion point in the show was on the subject of 'teachers expecting to be assaulted in school' - one guy called in about having been slashed by a pupil as he waited at a bus-stop, he managed to defend himself by kicking out (broke the kids pelvis first, and then knee when he came at him again).

The host asked the guy 'And what happened to the kid?' to which he replied that he had sought the life of a hitman and had met a grusome end - some people are just fucked up (remember we have a welfare system in the UK, pretty comprehensive).
That is the problem with the current Republican view. They think that, as TE suggested, all it takes to get out of poverty is hard work but that is often not the case.

Without safety nets like welfare, unemployment insurance, etc poverty can become a really desperate circumstance where basics like shelter and food become commodities to kill for.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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