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Bubby's Battle
English 303

Flash Fiction

Bubby痴 Battle

鉄ir, I知 sweet on Miss Becky and I値l take her as my wife if she値l have me. I値l brook no man disrespecting her in word or deed. Not even her daddy, in his own home, on Christmas day. Sir, I知 callin you out.

I値l never forget the suicidal words of skinny Bubby Johnston, spoken in front of the television, blocking the view of the game. Daddy was not amused; he hadn稚 been called to a fistfight in over twenty years. Everyone, except Bubby Johnston, knew better.

It was an otherwise uneventful Christmas, just like the others I remembered as a fifteen-year-old. My two older sisters, with their husbands and children, had spent the night so Granma and Grandpa could enjoy the kids ripping open Santa痴 gift-wrapped bounty in the morning. Breakfast was kind of an eat-when-you-were-hungry proposition with Christmas dinner promptly at 1:00. Dinner was uneventful, with the usual cacophony of plates and silverware clanking, infants fussing, hushed only for the opening prayer by Daddy.

Like every other year, after dinner the girls and women would clear dishes and gossip in the kitchen while the men headed for the den with the television and where Momma allowed scotch and smokes. I was finally old enough to join them. Ensconced comfortably in his front-row La-Z-Boy, it was Daddy痴 dessert request that set off Bubby, my sister Becky痴 boyfriend of eight months: 釘ecky! God damn you池e slow girl! Where痴 your daddy痴 apple pie? And don稚 forget the ice cream.

Daddy was a scrapper in his younger days and with his size and fighting experience, no one could recall his losing a brawl. He never had to get physical with any of us kids, he壇 just give us 鍍he look and we fell right in line. I壇 never heard a sane sober man challenge Daddy in my life. It痴 a good thing Becky was in the kitchen, for if she壇 heard Bubby痴 challenge her screams would still be ringing in my ears. George and Tom, my brothers-in-law, sat in slack-jawed silence as Bubby defiantly blocked the view of the game.

釘ecky! Daddy screamed.

Becky appeared in the doorway, her face at her feet.

鏑ook your daddy in the eye, Daddy said.

Becky did as she was told; twenty-two years of indoctrination is not easily subordinated.

鉄ugalump, I was rude and disrespectful to you earlier. I am sorry. Do you accept my apology?

Leaning to his chair, Becky places her arms around his neck, gives him a big hug, and leaves to fetch the pie with ice cream. George and Tom are incredulous. Despite their years in the family, they致e never seen or heard anything like this fistfight/proposal. They壇 cut off their balls with a spoon rather than challenge their father-in law.

Daddy, wiping his eyes with his sleeve, looks Bubby in the eye and asks him, 的致e got an unopened bottle of fifty-year-old single malt in the liquor cabinet. Would you honor me with a drink?

添es sir, Bubby says as he retrieves the scotch from the cabinet, clearing the view of the game.

After setting up four glasses, Daddy faces the kitchen and politely asks, 釘ecky, when you bring that pie, would you fetch your momma too? Bubby痴 got somethin he wants to ask you that I知 sure your momma痴 gonna wanna hear.
Bob of QF

So....what happened?

Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
In the fourth paragraph from the end, you went from past to present tense. You might want to change that. Wink
Nicely done, Kowboy.

Nice suspense for a short, short story. Smile
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Nice job in such a short piece.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
catman wrote:

In the fourth paragraph from the end, you went from past to present tense. You might want to change that. Wink


Good catch. My Fiction teacher caught it too.
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