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Wow! I almost had my Chase account hacked... wait..
Bob of QF
... I do not have a Chase bank account!


I got the following e-mail, complete with a genuine Chase logo at the top... notice the '" addy embedded in the e-mail.

[quote]Dear Chase Customer,

This is to inform you that there have been multiple login attempts on your chase
online account from an unknown IP address<>.
Due to security reasons, we have temporarily suspended your Chase Online access.
You are hereby required to verify your Chase Online account with your account information
in order to restore your online access.

To verify your Chase Online account information, click on the link below

The purpose of this verification is to help prevent fraud on the Chase Online website.
Thank you for banking with us at

Chase Online Security Team
P.S. The link in this message will automatically expire within 24 Hours Hours.

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Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
I get crapola like that all the time. They just spray everyone with it.
Ye, they take a guess, they think I have a Warcraft account. Pshhh I take my gaming seriously, iv no time for pap.
Yeah, it is spam garbage. These bank ones are the new 'Nigerian Prince' scams. I also did a look up on the IP addy they supplied and it took me directly to CHINA. Go figure.
That's right, I said it...
Directly to China? The last one I had tracked were bouncing things through Brasil first.
bad choice of words. I didn't run a traceroute on it. I just did and it seemed to only have one hop through Brazil, but 3 through Germany...hmmm

new-host-2:~ networkrepair$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 myrouter ( 3.850 ms 1.276 ms 1.164 ms
2 ( 19.589 ms 8.164 ms 19.591 ms
3 ( 9.329 ms 8.070 ms 8.577 ms
4 ( 13.803 ms 10.365 ms 11.255 ms
5 0.xe-2-0-2.XL4.DFW7.ALTER.NET ( 11.464 ms 11.206 ms 13.630 ms
6 ( 56.807 ms 50.964 ms 67.268 ms
7 0.ae4.BR1.IAD8.ALTER.NET ( 55.449 ms 51.872 ms 56.948 ms
8 ( 59.314 ms 52.344 ms 54.180 ms
9 gi-eb1-i.GI.DE.NET.DTAG.DE ( 150.045 ms 146.792 ms 144.960 ms
10 ( 145.599 ms 148.492 ms 145.482 ms
11 ( 185.197 ms !X 186.923 ms !X 185.072 ms !X
That's right, I said it...
Yeeeeeeaaahhh that means nothing to me, I may have overplayed my knowledge here.

I had it traced by asking a friend to do so.
I get one of those a day on my hotmail account. I'm beginning to think hotmail sends them.
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What is really weird TE is the IP address that is provided..
it should only read x.x.x.x, but instead it reads x.x.x.x.X.

If it was a port then is would read x.x.x.x:X, but port 122 is not used unless someone would specifically open it. However, I really have no idea why anyone would use this port. That is where I would have figured out this email was a hoax AND that I don't have a Chase acct either. I don't play well with big banks so I don't use them. Credit Union baby, but do your research first because some are as bad as the big banks.
That's right, I said it...
Iv heard of this credit unions, but to me it just sounds like a small bank.
It is. However, unlike a large bank they don't charge outrageous fees or have underlying costs. most big banks here will charge you 10$/mo for having less than 750$ in your primary checking acct. Most/all big banks are now going to start charging 5$/mo to use a debit card. I tend to overdraft sometimes(been well over 3yrs now, BUT...)I can't get any money in there for a few days. Most credit unions will let you get away with a few days in the red before charging and overdraft fee of 25-35$. There are some credit unions that mirror big bank practices, but that is why I stated to do your research before joining one.
That's right, I said it...
Bob of QF
I won't take Credit Union checks from customers-- the institutions refuse to honor the checks, if you try to cash'em in person-- they insist you filter them past some other bank first. That's fraud, and is why I refuse to take'em.

My bank is smallish, locally-owned (more or less) company, and so far has not charged me for either my debit card or my bank account, going on several years now.

They just put in a really cool ATM machine, too-- it optically scans checks written to me, and figures out how much they are for-- displays me a picture and lets me correct the amount on the rare instances it got it wrong. It instantly credits my account up to $200/check, too. (Obviously, if it subsequently bounces, and I'm overdrawn as a result, that's all on me, but that rarely happens-- in fact, I've never had that happen yet.)

And, yes, like CD's "credit" union, I have overdraft protection that lets me effectively float a loan for a few days, for a small fee. I've only ever used it once, but it's nice to know it's there.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
I don't use checks, mainly cash(call it paranoid) and that is also why I said to do some research(for the 3rd time Pfft) as some credit unions are shady. I think the best feature that I have(similar to the ATM you have) is that I can take a picture of a check and deposit it that way. I haven't been able to use this feature yet because my job only allows direct deposit which is fine by me.
That's right, I said it...
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