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Draw Ball dot Com
Soooo I stumbled across this war tonight.

There is a website called, you go to the website and are alloted 'paint' for your IP. You may paint until your fill is gone. It is an interesting idea making for some creative exchange.

A loosely affiliated group of internet folk decided they would paint a swastika on, the difficuly being that once you have spent your wad, you are out of the game, or so it would seem.

So the symbol has started to take shape, but other internet folk dont want them to do it, so they have taken to colouring over the march of the black.

The crazy thing is, this has spurred the attacker to switch their IP's, so that they can gain new paint, and continue to add - but the defense noticed this tactic also, and have taken to using it to protect the heart of the picture...

I find this stuff fascinating.
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