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New Rational Activism Projects from RRS
Activists from The Rational Response Squad have started working on a project
that some might be surprised to see us working on. We have started putting
together a new site at [ ]
with a few activists who started a facebook group called "Atheism United." The
project aims to unite all atheists under one banner for the first time in
internet history. A creative campaign is coming in 2012 to promote the actions
of "Atheism United."The new site will link to every atheist site we can manage
to list. The list is already about 5 times longer than any list of atheist
sites we've found in our searches.
Over the last 5 years The Rational Response Squad has been accused of being too
strident or aggresive with our tactics. In that time we've consistently stated
that we support other atheists right to be passive or less aggressive than us. This message wasn't always accepted as a persuasive argument for acceptance of
RRS methods by those who play passive. Because of this some of us thought it
would be nice to lead by example.

Significant contributions from Brian Sapient along with a group of RRS mods,
admins, and other atheist activists are already playing a lead role in creating Atheism United will aim to host the most extensive list of
external links for atheism on the internet without discretion. The site will
universally accept you and your brand of atheism without prejudice.
We need your help ensuring that our list of sites is extensive, so please visit
a wiki page we made to help create the list and ensure your favorite sites are
listed (including your own):! [! ]

If you're not already stunned at the notion that the RRS will get help create a
project that supports adversaries of "new atheism" there's more. Since
inception RRS has united people around what we don't believe in. Sure, we've
talked about the issues that are important to us but we have not tried to unite
under a set of principles that we believe in. That's about to change. We now
have a vision statement and it's under constant revision. Atheists with privs
to enter the VIP forum can see that thread here: [ ]

We'll also have a host of new bloggers contributing on the new website. Are
you an atheist interested in blogging on a very popular site and sharing ad
revenue? Details are here: [ ]

Come join us! [ ]
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Anyone with a memory will most likely avoid it. I'm sure they'll still have the 13-20 demographic.

And hi Fred!
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
[url=]Skeeve wrote:[/url]

Anyone with a memory will most likely avoid it. I'm sure they'll still have the 13-20 demographic.

And hi Fred!

Yeah, no, as far as I'm concerned, there hasn't been enough time yet for there to be a new incarnation of RRS and the Sapient et al show. I don't care how huge and new and improved it is, and they can sing their united atheist kumbaya ballad, but I doubt if I can get on board with it.

We'll see what transpires from it.

Hey derF Wave
Wow is that open to abuse.

Accepting anyone who calls themselves Atheist without review. So there will be nothing stopping them from filling their ranks with Angry at Godders or even Christian Trolls claiming to be atheists and setting up websites talking about baby eating, and those other activities we are painted as being 'all-for'.
Sounds great but RSS hasn't exactly built themselves a reputation for geniality. I guess we'll have to see if that has changed.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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