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Why I Love Rock and Roll

The last song often being sung to myself as I head home alone.
I have had a copy of Johnny B. Goode at my reach since I can ever remember.

The third video, Buddy Holly's Fade Away was recently (early 2011, damn may have been 2010, time moves so fast) used in Mafia II - terrible PC game, brilliant seriously brilliant music track.

After playing the game I ended up buying a Dino album.
I never cared for What's Your Name all that much, but I like all the others.

From my piles of 45s, I dug out Shaggy Dog by Mickey Lee Lane a couple of nights ago. It was a hit about the time I graduated from high school. On some levels a silly 'party record', but good rock'n'roll and fun to listen to.

I was/am a big fan of Gary 'U.S.' Bonds. No one else ever had such a chaotic, happy party sound. I always liked his New Orleans and School Is Out as well.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Catman, odd that you pulled out a record originally released on Swan. I was in the mood last night and I almost put together a bunch of Philly records, before I did what I did. Nice catchy tune, I am surprised I never heard it before.

Ah "School is Out", I remember cruising the main drag shortly after getting out of one of my high school years and the DJ kept playing that record.

"What's Your Name" just reminds me so much of my lame and generally ill fated attempts at meeting women that it is seared into my brain. There are households all over the bay area that wonder, why is that man singing that song on the street at 01:30.

You should all be careful, I may be cranking up to lay some favorite A Cappella on you.
Swan had a lot of good stuff on it, especially if you like Freddy Cannon (I do). As I recall, She Loves You by The Beatles was releassed on Swan. That always mystified me.

Have you ever heard the Beach Boys' a cappella song entitled Our Prayer? It is purely vocalese (no lyrics), so there is nothing objectionable about it. Absolutely gorgeous singing.

Billy Joel did a nice job with The Longest Time, an a cappella performance.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
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