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To what extent does talent kill people

So many talented people have not found their talent enough to defend themselves from their demons. Damn Jimi could play. If he had lived long enough I think I would have payed for a new home for him buying his records.

Bird, Janis were also very talented. I will admit that the Teenagers are more associated with my youth.

Oddly enough the only vinyl I do not own is Jimi's i think I should correct that.
I think that a lot of times people try to use their talent to make up for what they perceive as deficiencies in their lives. The problem is that they try to substitute the attention they are getting for whatever it is they are lacking and it often doesn't work. Their desperation makes them great but almost ensures a bad end.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
The above is the reason why I think the internet should be a human right.

In some of the more severe cases it isnt talent that gets them recagnised - it is sheer bloody mindedness in their persuit for attention, I have read that Marylyn Monroe was a shy retiring type, but for the lack of a father figure she was driven to showcase herself and chase powerful and influential men.
For every person with great talent who comes to a bad end, there are many with negligible talent who achieve the same bad end. Many of the latter have convinced themselves that they are talented, doubtless with help from others who can't tell the difference.

Charlie Parker killed himself with heroin. How many less talented alto saxophonists did the same thing?
And there are others that we wish would go. I call it the Bieber effect. "No matter how much you want something to go away, it most likely never will."
That's right, I said it...
cheshiredragon, a bit cruel don't you think, if accurate.
Catman, I must agree with you. We may moan those who are talented but we allow ourselves to ignore those who were less so. Not a good human feeling.

I have other responses to very well presented questions but quite frankly they should wait for the morrow.
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