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News International
I was unsure of where to post this, but given the power News International holds as a media leader in both the US and the UK (and no doubt other countries), which has positioned itself in strict support or pitted-opposition to political figures, I believe it has a place here.

You US siders may not be aware of the scale of the issues with this organization, but to give a brief run-down.

They had a paper called the News of the World, for years its staff broke privacy laws in order to get 'hot scoops' about celebrities, sports people, politicians and worryingly the families of murdered people.

An investigation was begun many years ago, but the police and politicians consipred to find nothing. Nothing was found. Yet the story broke again with a leak by an ex-employee, swinging the whole show back into view and consequently further scrutiny.

The editors of this paper were very chummy with the UK's current primeminister, one having eaten Christmas dinner at his home.

The paper was closed by Rupert Murdock to try and avoid legal action against his estate, and to discredit any employee that speaks up over the illegal activities as disgruntled ex-employees. A cunning plan, and in the long run it will probably work.

The reason I write this post is for the details of an article I read in another paper (as far as I know not owned in any way by Rupert, but it is still possible that he has an influence - lots of back scratching in the world). It has not tried to paint anyone in a good light, so maybe it is completely impartial as I currently understand it. Here is an extract from the article:

He [Paul McMullan, ex-journalist for NotW] defined public interest as what the 'public is interested in'.

Saying no-one needed privacy, he said: 'In 21 years of invading people's privacy, I've never actually come across anyone who's been doing any good.

'Privacy is evil, it brings out the worst qualities in people. Privacy is for paedos - fundamentally nobody else needs it.'

I have a few opinions on what this guy has been quoted as saying, and strangely, they have somewhat influenced my opinion of him as a person. What do you all think about this fellow?
Wow, I think it just shows how easy it is for people to get so wrapped up in the pursuit of a goal that they forget all else.

Unfortunately the NotW thing going on over there is being mirrored here in the US but you won't find much news about the investigation. I guess owning a major news outlet and a political party has perks.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
I have heard a bit about it. I have long disliked Rupert Murdoch and his machinations.

Not that I haven't 'sold out' as a musician on occasion, of course. Only hobbyists can be purists.
How can anyone believe what he says in those lines? How is it possible to be that ignorant of the past?

I would lock that guy up, he is a danger to society.
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