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Hi! I'm new here!
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I became an atheist because I didn't see fact in the Bible, nor did I see the point of a god. I was raised Christian but I saw flaws in the religion at a young age. When I would ask a question about god that questioned him I would be told to be quiet and quite thinking so much... When I left home at 18 I finally found out who I was and what I believed and didn't believe... At 19 I finally said to myself "I'm an atheist". I've never looked back. I'm 23 now and probably more happy then those who believe in a higher power.

Im actually a Christian, I have been playing the sleeper-cell roll to help protect Christmas from you Jesus hating fornicators!

Haha, no I am not a believer anymore, but I suppose I am still registered as a Roman Catholic over in Italy.

I was born into an southern Irish (by decent, i.e. 3 grand parents Irish born) family so the Catholic thing was going on. Noone ever told me to question anything, it is an annoying trait (for the teachers, priests, family members) I developed all by myself.

My family wasnt big on going to church, other than my nan who became a Jahovas Whitness, there wasnt anyone I knew that frequented the place much at all - outside of school.

I went to a Roman Catholic primary school (of which the headmaster was arrested for being a pedophile) in which I was still reading the Bible (on my own time, to get the proper gist of it) and talking with my nan. The JoHoes and Catholics hate each other, so my nan would point out where the Catholics were going wrong, and when I would talk to the teachers, they would do the same for the JoHoes.

It was the first year of secondary school, another Catholic state school, that my faith fell to the sharp cutting reality of reason. There was no one moment, I had finished reading the Bible and realized it was bullshit, attempted to look back for the first monotheistic religion to see if that helped, it didn't, I just noticed that so many of the stories are very similar.

I would wind up the teachers in our Religious Education classes (just christianity for two hours a week) by pointing out the stupidity of the Catholic 'Just War' argument and other things. One day, I refused to stand to pray in the assembly, and was threatened with expulsion from the school - that cannot be done in the UK, so I was left alone after that.

So that was many years ago, im the ripe old age of 25 now. So thats some 13 years of living in sin, feels good man.
WOW! I love hearing our stories there different but not so different.
Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?
I became an atheist fairly early on. My father was an alcoholic. He was continually in a cycle of drinking excessively, screwing up in a massive way and then being forced to rehab.

Each rehab was a sort of religious exercise as they always involved some variation of the twelve step program. He ended up trying everything from Catholicism to being a Jehovah's Witless (sp).

Somewhere around the age of six or seven I began to realize that all of these different Christian denominations were radically different takes on the same book so I read the bible. What I realized is that the stuff they taught in Sunday School or that they preached at services was not the stuff in the bible.

Once it got in my head that the doctrines of these various denominations was just made up I began to realize that it had to be that way because the bible contradicts itself so much that there is no one coherent doctrine that can come of it. Each of those denominations was just an example of someone like Martin Luther or Augustine deciding that things should be a certain way and then finding justification in the bible.

I suppose I'm pretty lucky. Some of the conversations I had a with religious people would have gotten me burned as a witch in earlier eras.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
I have posted my explanation as to why I am an ateist here before and hope this one does not conflict too greatly with it. After all I am talking about events of 45 and + years ago.

Around 13 I started getting bored with church. My mother insisted I go to the lutheran one down the street, but I had much better things to do; go over the hill to the park and play games with my cronies; watch the 49ers on TV; just hang out at the house. So I started making a fuss every sunday when it was time to get ready for church and finally my mother gave up. Mind you my mother hardly ever went herself and the rest of the family never went, it was a tough argument for her.

For a few years I was in that "if there is a god I am ok because I am not a evil person and do not deserve eternal punishment" mode of lapsed christians.

Then around the time I was 19 I was becoming more aware of the environmental problems caused by humans. I started seeing the bible as a very negative influence in correcting some of those problems. There were specific parts of the bible that encouraged behaviors that were damaging to the environment.

I also started realizing that the bible could be twisted this way and that to prove a specific point and people who chose could prove virtually any thing by reference to it. At that point I realized no religion was useful, and as amandaatheist points out no god is necessary.

I have as time has passed furthered my dislike (not as strong a word as I want but less inflammatory) of religion because it has removed us from the understanding of ourselves as animals. If we understood ourselves as such we would have a better understanding of how we should react to each other, and the earth.

Oh, and by the way I am somewhere between an alpha and a beta male, I will take what I can get.
The shortest deconversion story I have heard was from my mothers uncle.

He lived in Ireland at the time, strict confessional every week - no sex before marriage, but he really liked this girl. He would confess to the priest his feelings, and the priest would instruct him to say his Hail Mary's and abstain.

He then later finds out that the priest was fucking the girl he liked. He said he never looked back.
Theroy_Execution, I burst out laughing when I read the above. How like christians to be fucking (literally) hypocritical. Then turn around and accuse atheists as lacking morals because they have no god.
Well when you think about it, some of the stuff the priests must hear, a regular john would have to pay top dollar to have a woman speak it down the telephone to him.

The seclusion of the confessional box, the whispers, the master slave scenario - that Stole the priest wears (liturgical vestment) is actually for mopping up semen!
ROFL! Could be.
T_E, I have always wondered about that. All the things a priest must hear in that confession box. If you have ever seen a stop-motion show called Moral Orel, it too has a confessional and the priest hears all kinds of horrific things including who the town whore is.
That's right, I said it...
I have seen a few of the Moral Orel vids, I believe someone may actually have linked them somewhere on here.

I may have watched that one - it may have hit the subconscious running - but that would have been many moons ago.

The whole fascination with masturbation in the Catholic world feeds into the sex-play too.

Priest: No Jenny, you must not masturbate. You should not be slipping in a digit at night when a lone and pinching your nipples.

And maybe this is why the kids end up getting raped - talk like that would have a late teen or adult seriously questioning what they were hearing, a kid doesn't understand that sort of thing. So the children become an outlet.
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