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Theory of everything using the Color
Victor Espinoza
Because my theory it was made with 21 pages in PowerPoint, do not I could post it here, but, in a following web page:

[url=]Theory of everything using the Color[/url]

Please understand me...

Kind regards,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
Are you serious Victor?

You are not showing Kind Regards here, you are showing an utter disregard for the members of this website (the internet in general), but worse, for the brilliance of the scientific method - you are a fraud.

Your link is just another spam for adverts - I clicked on to your weblink - but dont get all excited Vic - I run AdBlocker amongst other things so no monies will be making their way to you.

For everyone else, it is the same hashed shite we saw in the earlier messages, run in a column instead - it looks like he has taken his presentation lead from the Atlas group of the LHC (google Fontgate).
I'm not going to waste my time even looking at such an inelegantly titled "theory". Victor, give it up!
Do look up Fontgate though catman, it has caused quite a stir in the scientific community.
Bob of QF
I did about 10 minutes (not including reading the few I did) of research about "fontgate" and the best I could figure out, was there was a flap about using Comic Sans font in what was to be a serious presentation.

If that's the case? It's old news... when PowerPoint became the presentation tool De Jeur [sp] people ignorant of presentation versus style, would routinely create slides that were too busy, too much color-contrast, a different font on each page, etc.

And the message was always lost in the vivid-busy style.

I thought that had been settled back in the 90's...

... and I couldn't really find the detail as to which paper, where-- but apparently it was at a Physics thing? Something to do with the LHC?

Well... physicists are experts at ... physics. This is only to be expected.

And the physicists who made the cut to work at the world's largest scientific installation, the LHC, would be the best of the best of the best for sure.

At physics, one would hope.

That they also be incredibly savvy at advertising too? That is probably too much to ask.

For what is a presentation, but a kind of advertisement of your work-- true, it is best if you keep it as factual and real as possible, if your work is about physics. Especially if you are presenting it to other scientists, most of whom are very familiar with physics.

That's my 2 cents's worth on Fontgate... in so far as I could find out much about it.


I'd have posted my entire rant in Comic Sans, but I cannot figure out how to do that with PHP fusion ... Smile
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Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
It has to be done another way which is somewhat malicious.

Either way I think PPTx are ridiculous and I work in a corporate environment. They are used all the time. Instead of slideshows or presentations they need to be renamed to "here are some pretty pictures to distract you while at the same time I am going to read from this paper that has the exact words on the screen."
Honestly, the only reason I think slideshows/presentations are good is for conveying an abstract speech into detail that most can understand. EX: I can talk some shite about computers and many of you would just look like a deer in headlights, but put it in a picture and you might say, "ahhh I see now."
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That's right, I said it...
Hehe, it was tongue in cheek.

It happened when the Atlas team presented their data gathered at the Cern from the LHC. The imminent discovery of the Higgs Boson had been hyped in the media, what actually happened was a narrowing of the field of search - something that always happens in the first few years of a big experiment.

Their presentation was very cluttered, too much going on. Artists and Physicists share an interesting position in the persuits of Man.

There is nothing more torturous than someone reading their notes up on a large screen.
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