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Log Cabin and GOProud
Is there really a viable place for lgbtq in today's Republican Party? With the attitudes of Bachman (her husband is a whole 'nother story), Santorum, Cain, and Perry where does that leave the community if the leaders the party champions are against them from the word go?

Log Cabin being the moderate group, they seek to educate the homophobes. Seems a rather daunting task when the Evangelicals still wield much influence in the Republican Party.

GOProud seems more right wing conservative....not as gay friendly (leaving gay marriage up to the states):
"Disclaimer" My politics are far to the left of the standard political parties in the US and what I say must be understood in that context.

How homosexuals could possibly associate themselves with the republican party astonishes me. All but themselves and a very small percentage of other republicans believe that homosexuals not only deserve no acceptance but they possibly should be locked up.

An individual should not associate themselves with groups that in general condemn them. It implies a level of self disregard to do so.
And yet there is a large faction of gay republicans. It baffles me tbh.
I never have been able to understand it. (I almost said "wrap my head around it", but thought it possibly a poor choice of words.) Anyway, it makes no sense whatsoever.
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I'm not sure anyone other than very wealthy white heterosexual (or hypocritically closeted) males actually belong in the Republican party at this point. They have pretty much exempted every other group from their consideration.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Gay racists and bigots have to go somewhere. The Repubs are the obvious choice.
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Skeeve, as a generally repressed minority one would think that homosexuals would shy away from a political party that celebrates repression. My point in the first post I made in this thread.

I do know that there is a level of racism in the homosexual community, although I doubt it is any greater than in the rest of society.
I feel that being a gay Republican is analogous to being a Jewish National Socialist. A slight overstatement, but not by very much.
Bob of QF
[url=]catman wrote:[/url]

I feel that being a gay Republican is analogous to being a Jewish National Socialist. A slight overstatement, but not by very much.

Or a Liberal Charismatic Christian....

... kindof an oxymoron...

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