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Sony Vaio vs. Dell Inspiron
I am needing some help here, I have three second hand notebooks.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10v (or 1010), Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1012) and Sony Vaio M series. They run XP, W7starter and W7starter respectively.

They will all pretty soon have similar hardware (the Mini 10v has 2gb, I am waiting on the sticks to upgrade the others). The two latter have the same processor.

Anywho, much of that is unimportant, the concern is with the wireless connectivity. The two Dell find my router with no issues, connect and handle themselves pretty well speed wise, but for the Sony, I can see the router, can connect but cannot get past google or other similar low-demand websites.

I tried to run on the three, could only manage to get it to work on the Dell's - all three work fine when cabled in.

Any suggestions?

Ah, important bit, the second dell (1012) runs on 802.11g, the sony 802.11n. Not sure about the first dell, need to look at that.
Bob of QF
I just put in an N class router myself, one of those dual-channel thingys (according to it's label).

And it was much more problematic in connecting to, than the older G-router that it replaced.

What's worse, I deliberately set the passwords from one to the next to be exactly the same 20 character nonsense phrase, for simplicity (but I did change the name slightly).

But no matter how hard I tried, it would not connect until:

I restarted the router, then restarted the Dell (after temporarily disabling the Dell's software firewall).

Now, it seems to connect okay and surfs fine.

I dunno-- but try checking any firewall software in the Sony-- you may need to loosen it up a bit (or even turn it off until it gets sorted, then re-enable it).

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It doesn't have any, as they were second hand I cleaned them all. Fresh factory image and then set about updating drivers.

They each have Spybot S&D and AVG Free running.

I am beggining to think it may be the 'n' part, that it is a pretty new standard and many have not implemented it, opting for the older 'g' class. Which is a ball ache - whats the point of having a net/notebook that cannot be taken out and about.

I wonder how much a new wireless card would be for it - downgrade from the n to the g.
According to a quick internet search, the Vaio is 802.11 b/g/n. So that isn't the issue. Some times there are steps left out of some wifi connection apps, and while it shows Connected, it's a Local connection only and not thru to the internet. I would suggest double checking the connection setup and turning off the Bluetooth temporarily.
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The bluetooth is off, always has been. I have tried deleting the railink driver so that the w7 can track down one (this has worked for other systems) but it is much the same as before - but now it actually shows as disconnected every now and then.
Bob of QF
Windoze XP and up ships with a built-in firewall that is on by default.

Unless you're Windoze 2000 or older, you >>do<< have a firewall in the Sony-- okay, I see you have win7 starter. So you have a firewall that is on by default-- you'd have to manually disable it within control panel.

Any router that is N, also supports the earlier protocols (G etc), and most routers have all enabled by default.

But, you can disable the earlier standards, leaving only the N (or only the G or only the A, etc) in the router's setup page.

I'd try turning off the software firewall in Win7 and see what happens.

More complications:

Controlling a wireless network can be done via Windoze built-in tools, or by 3rd party tools, or by a combination of each.

However, sometimes the tools don't play nice--

--- so look at the Windoze wireless tool, and make sure the "use windows to control wireless" (or whatever it's called) is unchecked, then try using the Viao's driver tool.

I find that with many 3rd party wireless devices, using the one they wrote for it to control the wireless often works better than the generic windoze one.

That being said? I use the windoze one on my Dell laptop, and it has a PMCIA wireless adapter.

But on my mom's media computer, with a Realtec wireless card, I had to use the Realtec tool, as windoze did not work (refused to connect).

So you may have to experiment a little.
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Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
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