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2012 New Years Eve thread
I'm not doing anything tonight, but thought I'd start a thread for those that would like to tell us about their New Years Eve activities.
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I went to a mates house, after some persuasion, expecting ladies, it was a sausage fest. We got a call that one of the guys (my mates mate) who had drank too much was kicking off with his gf. So we went round there, he had put dents in most of the walls, broken all the glasses and cups that were around and was weeping about mental issues he has.

I dont like that shit, I was willing to hurt him so he remembers, but the mate told me it is totally out of his character and to not go down that route.

I dont do hitting women. Anywho, he had called his parents, so they came and picked him up, his father looked broken (later learned that he is a police officer just retired - forced to through cuts).

So it was good up until then.
Just got home from my gig. A little likkered up, but not much! I had 180 ml of rye whiskey.

Thanks, T_E. I liked it! It even had a little arco bass solo.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I liked the lack of lyrics - a stroke of genius "Have I ever told you about the time I ..."

And what happens? Your mind wanders to some drunken adventure you had yourself.
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