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I've been demobbed! (technically!)
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I really cannot see how America can see itself as a world leader when it treats its people as it does. Just on the matter of a national health care it ranks below the UK.

CD is mostly right. Most people in the US think that they are just a set of lucky numbers away from being rich.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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At least he is able to get loans! I make too much to get an federal aid and have to go with private loans(which my brother warned me about) or attempt to get some grants. My job will fork over 8K a year for educational purposes, but that will only get me to an Associates Degree with around 1000$(US) total out of pocket which is attainable, but to hit the Bachelor Degree mark it goes up substantially. I'd love to get all the way up to a Doctorate in my field, but who knows how long that will take.
Best of luck to you Ash, I have always admired those in the performing arts.

This is the good thing about living in Scotland. I've been here long enough to count as a resident so I get my fees paid for, and even if I didn't (say if I'd done a full degree in the past) I'd only pay
Also, free medical prescriptions up here, come on England, catch up!

Im paying for it!

It is a decision of budgets though, and Scotland has opted to treat their residents with more respect than their banks.

I really dont know how I feel about Scotlands independence, I think England/Wales may be surprised if it does go ahead, with people moving above the boarder... but who knows, I dont think anyone knows.
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