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A bad week for the soul
In the process of reading an obit for Etta James I found out that Johnny Otis had died earlier this week. Otis the child of a greek couple grew up in the East Bay. He discovered James in LA and together and apart they produced a lot of great music.

If you are not saddened by this information there is a hole in soul. I would ask that you look up their music on youtube. I will.
I am not sure I have heard his stuff before, maybe if 'Hand Jive' was his work.

The sad thing is, all of these old greats have been driven to their position through their talent alone (no auto-tune, no million pound advertizing schemes, no blanketing the market with their stuff) and, for lack of technology, the recordings we do have are lacking.

I would love a bunch of this stuff in high-def crystal clear audio. Funnily enough, the Billie Holiday 'strange fruit' recording I do have is very clear.
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