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A Christian Fighter Pilot Versus Atheism
I ran across [url=]this story[/url] just a bit ago.

For those who don't know what Rock Beyond Belief is, it's the secular answer to all the big evangelical and fundamentalist Christian concerts and festivals regularly held on bases throughout the military. One of these events, a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Rock the Fort festival, held at Fort Bragg in September 2010, despite complaints that the military officially sponsoring such an event was an unconstitutional promotion of religion, and showed a government preference for Christianity. The response from the commander of Fort Bragg was that any other group could also hold a similar event. So, SGT Justin Griffith, an atheist soldier at Fort Bragg, decided to take Fort Bragg up on this offer, and began planning a secular festival, which would feature atheist and secularist speakers and musicians.

In true Christian spirit Air Force major named Jonathan C. Dowty, who runs a blog called, which he describes as his "ministry", decided that this was sacrilegious so he started blogging against the event. Major Dowty, a.k.a. JD the Christian Fighter Pilot, is a Christian officer who belongs to the Officers
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Yeah, I ran across something Friday that was linked to his blog, , and looked around.

I noticed he likes to twist things up and not be completely honest.

Lying for Jesus is popular.

Case in point.
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
The sad part is that he is in the majority.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
[url=]seeker wrote:[/url]I guess that means Christians hate us for our freedom.Pfft

I think there is much truth to that, and have for some time. Part of the resentment that some Christians have toward us is for that reason, although their Bibles and preachers tell them that they will get even after they die. So they can have the pleasure of imagining us burning in Hell during their lives.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
LOL, Bush Jr was right he was just talking about the wrong group of religious fanatics.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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