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How open A door Dimensional using energy of light to the eyes:
Victor Espinoza

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[url=](1.) - Theory of everything using the Color
(2.) - Refuted the Time of the Theory of Albert Einstein
(3.) - The Great Theory Espinoza Guedez about the composition of the DISTANCE
(4.) - Why liquid nitrogen is so cold
(5.) - How open A door Dimensional using energy of light to the eyes[/url]

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
07 April 2012
Victor Espinoza
The energy that comes through your eyes, passes through your skin and creates a stain that is very similar to a dimensional window. This is for those who will see the image with the eyes closed.
Victor Espinoza
With my experiment, we noticed that as we approach the dimensional window, this reduces their size. And when you retire from the dimensional window, it grows in size.

The same is true with your eyes closed (proven).

What we see, is not an image but a dimensional window.
[url=]Victor Espinoza wrote:[/url]


My website is:

Full of nonsense and pop-ups.
I thought I was opening a dimensional window once but it turned out to just be gas.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Talk about 'Blinded by the Light' - I think Victor, if you tried this with a Class 4 laser, you would see the very fabric of the universe forever! But no, seriously dont try that, you will burn a hole through your head.

Part of my work is arranging for Arc Event testing, basically an electric fault is purposefully created so that the protective characteristics of materials and clothing can be assessed. One thing survivors of the events do not talk about, is seeing how the universe is made of colours in the distance.

Does remind me a little of the attached video:

Victor Espinoza
Concepts wanted in the dictionary:

Fascinate: Dazzle much approaching the eyes the lamp or candle, or presenting coup before an excessive amount of light.

Remaining image: Figure, representation, likeness and appearance of something.

The image created by the energy of the light, if it is a image of remnant.

But on this occasion the energy of light opens a dimensional door.

I did the experiment:

1 I noticed a bulb lit for 15 seconds.
2 I turned off the light
3. With eyes closed I went to a wall and the image, reduced its size.
4.-Conclusion: this is not a remnant image.
You should look into how image sensing in humans works.

In the most basic form, the photons from the bulbs filament excite the electrons in the sensors of your eye. An electrical impulse is created which is fed to the brain. The brain interprests this signal.

The interpretation is the main area where things go wrong.

Yet, you can still 'see' things after you have seen them. Ever had a dream?
I have seen the light.

My light bulb died last night and that was when it occurred to me that if it died then it must have been alive.

My phone rang but I ignored it, just then I happened to think of the song "One Less Bell to Answer" by (gasp) the 5th Dimension.

Life, death and the 5th Dimension all caused by the dying of the light.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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