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Donald "Duck" Dunn
So yesterday at a celebration of motherhood in the midst of toasts to the various mothers in attendance (4 of the 5 women there) my younger child toasted in tribute to Donald "Dunn" Dunn.

Sure enough in this mornings paper was an obituary to Mr. Dunn. He died on the 13th in Tokyo, in his sleep, after two sets in concert.

No obituary could do service to the influence Mr. Dunn, through the MG's, had on popular music. I offer his entry in Wikipedia to indicate what others have written about him.

The simple recitation of the facts do not fully convey the importance of certain things.

When Motown was getting a little to heavy into pop (I did still enjoy them) Stax/Volt with the MG's providing the instruments, brought funk back into rock and roll.

Soul music learned to accept non african american performers because of the MG's.

Stax/Volt proved in general that one could be non african american and still get "down" because of the MG's.

I am planning to return to Memphis sometime soon. I will place flowers at the tomb of Mr. Dunn and will almost certainly shed a tear.
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