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Can this involve non-computer/video games? HC has superseded my addiction to Magic:The Gathering. I'll be 80 and into comics and fantasy, I think.
I've never heard of HC, and yes, any type of gaming you want to discuss is fine for this forum.
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I am a PC gamer, but I have been speaking with a new girl at work, her brother attends a few of these military re-enactment war-game type of events. That is technically gaming, and although I find it funny the guy is travelling more of the country than me at the moment.

So ye, Im with Skeeve, lets talk about any gaming.

Personally, I enjoy games that teach you something - the little history I know I picked up in games.
HELLA, SA! I am a gamer...PC Gamer to be exact. The latest I am on are Diablo 3 and Skyrim. SimCity 4 and Fable TLC when I am bored with the first two.

Of course, I am all for talking about any games if they spike my interest. I have to say Skyrim is my favorite right now. I LOVE fantasy/rollplay type games. I was into Magic: The Gathering back in 9th grade, but it faded quick as I never really understood it and the only people I knew who liked to play it were the hardcore/speed gamers. They could knock out a game in 5-10min.
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