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Electromagnetic radiation and disease
I am listening to the local listener supported radio (not PBS check out Pacifica Radio), a program on health, because of the source it has a rather unconventional bent.

In passing they mention the dangers of electromagnetic radiation as emitted by cell phones, cell phone towers, etc. The comment was made as if there was no question as to the validity of the science regarding the health risk of electromagnetic radiation. Even in closing the show they said "never" use wireless nor get a CT scan particularly if they are examining the heart.

I worked for 35 years for an agency that had 3 hydroelectric plants. If you have ever been in an electric power plant you know that the 60 cycle hum is so loud that one has to raise your voice. Most power plants isolate their control rooms in sound insulated rooms. One can be certain that the exposure to electromagnetic radiation of electric power plant operators is higher than any other member of the public.

I tried to confirm with a quick internet search but could not, to the best of my knowledge all that has ever been found about a health difference between electric power operators and the general public was a slight increase in male breast cancer. One of the male operators I worked with did have to be operated on for breast cancer.

What I could find was primarily associated with the generation of heat, exposure to coal and nuclear byproducts and asbestos.

There are advocates who seem to find odd studies here and there to try to prove their point that there is great harm in exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Exposure so low as a single CT scan or use of a wireless telephone. They ignore the classic lab rat subjects, power house operators, because the data there does not support what they advocate.

I must leave now but I will see what I can find to confirm the above. Most will be from EPRI an industry organization that has been questioned. I do not know to what extent that should be considered. I will say that those who worry about electromagnetic radiation are at least as biased.
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JohnH wrote:
I will say that those who worry about electromagnetic radiation are at least as biased.

Not to sound rude, but "Ya think!?"
I have to agree with that line 100%. I work with Verizon Wireless in the Network Repair department. I have been Since May of 2007(happy 5th year anniversary) Since I started I have had 2 cell phones - My personal phone and a business phone. EVERYONE in the building has a business cell phone. It is corporate policy that if you are in the National Network Organization part of the company, you HAVE a business cell phone. Most everyone also has a personal cell phone too. I can easily say that in this 3 story building that takes up only about 2acres of ground space there are a good 600 cell phones ON and functioning and a good 200 of them are in use at any given time. Multiple people, including myself, have a WiFi option on the business phone and those people, including myself, have company laptops that use that WiFi connection. I am also the co-lead of the device room that has about 100 phones that are signed out by other employees for testing. Some people are dumbasses and break the phones so I am in charge of repairing these and can have at least 2 of them on a daily basis at my desk. Not all but a few of us, including myself, are computer nerds and have 2 or more computers at home with a WiFi router at home. I personally, have 3 computers and my 2 cell phones along with my Nintendo Wii and TV(7 devices) that are connected to the WiFi portion of that router. I still need to get a WiFi card for my HTPC and then will have 8 WiFi devices connected. If there ever was an issue with wireless devices causing cancer, I, and a few hundred other people at my place of work would be screwed. No one there is concerned about it at all.
There was a gentleman(well, a psycho conspirator to be nice) on another site I used to attend that claimed that 'they'(I guess some scientists) put an egg between 2 cell phones and had the cell phones call each other, left the connection open for an hour and it cooked the egg. I tried that experiment and what would you know, he was full of shit. I called him on it(pun intended) and told him he was full of shit. Of course, he said I did it wrong an I asked him for the details on how to do it which obviously he couldn't produce.
'they'(I guess some scientists) put an egg between 2 cell phones and had the cell phones call each other, left the connection open for an hour and it cooked the egg.

I heared this one too, along with the 3 or 4 'cell' phones (we call them mobiles in the UK) cracking some corn to make pop-corn. Utter bullshit.

JohnH, the argument someone may use against your power station account is that the EM works across a huge band. So mobiles and wifi are quite distinct from the hum of stations and powerlines, they have to be for any information to be communicated.

The World Health Organisation has been looking into the effects of EM for quite a while now and the results are due this year, so far they have not found an issue - obviously your conspiracy nuts will point out that WHO is a lot like NWO.

The thing that may cause issue is heating of the body, it does occur, and generally heat should be avoided - for instance, cooler showers are preferable to hot, in this instance because of the bacteria and oils that your skin needs to maintain.

Heat is linked to cancers, and there was a study looking into fertility of distance cyclists that I remember, the heat generated by their shorts can leave them with a lower than average sperm count.

But it all comes down to exposure, and most people dont hold their mobile phones to their testicles.
T_E, you make a good point about frequencies. 60 Hz being rather at the low end of the scale.

Still the level of increased exposure from using a device near your person, such as a cell or mobile phone, above the background levels strikes one as logically flawed. Turn on the radio, multiple frequencies in multiple ways, not to count the non commercial radio transmitting. One is bathed in EMR daily, admittedly at a very low power level.

There would be evidence from problems people develop because they live in close proximity to clear channel (50 kw) radio stations or amateur stations with the maximum allowable power (1.5 kw in the US 400 watt in the UK).

I think the whole nonsense about exposure to EMR is simply another tool in the nimby (not in my backyard) arsenal used by zealots to fool the gullible. Abetted (at least in the US) by our news purveyors use of the he/she said he/she said reporting method. They seem terribly fact adverse. Or at least reporting when one of the he/she's is saying something that is factually incorrect.
Theory_Execution wrote:

But it all comes down to exposure, and most people dont hold their mobile phones to their testicles.

This reminds me of the town officer I grew up near. He was good friends with the girl next door. He was parked out in the street talking to Julia and I happened along from hanging out with some friends. I stopped by to chat for a min and he was having a conversation about a lawsuit that a few of his fellow officers had filed against the station. The lawsuit was about the radar detector guns(that measure your speed) had made them sterile because between lifting the gun and zapping people they had the radar guns in their lap. He called bullshit because he had the same, if not more time with traffic tickets for speeders than these other guys. He also has 4 kids and if he had known that those guns made them sterile he would have been pointing the thing at his junk and pulling the trigger for minutes at a time after his 2nd kid.

Those radar guns, like cell/mobile phones, use microwaves. Microwaves do have a tendency to cause problems and they are easy to create with little power. Hell, Infrared is more powerful than microwaves and the remote control for your TV uses that.

I am kind of retarded trying to explain the EM spectrum, but I know how it functions and what is dangerous. I think the only chance that these idiots would have is stray power from high tension power lines. Why people would live under them is beyond me. Microwaves work by exciting the molecules with a dipole moment in liquids. The human body is 80% water, so this seems plausible. However the microwave ovens that we use are extremely high in power. WiFI also uses microwave radiation, but is too low power to cause any thermal heating. Hence the reason why that 'egg' story is such a crock of shit.
John, you say electricity travels at 60Hz. This is extremely less power than microwaves which are around 30GHz. I'd like to try and break this down to see what these people are arguing about, but I am too knew to the concept of physics to understand it fully.
That's right, I said it...
It all comes down to the amount of energy that can be transfered to the person within the field.

And it is not a stretch to think radiation can alter us in the most strangest of ways, given we know certain radiation does cause cancer, and that our brains are electrical powerhouses.

However, as with most things in life you have to weigh the benefits against the risks.

It is better to discover you have a cancerous tumor after a CT scan than to go without - in the UK, even where all medical bills are covered by tax, doctors will still avoid such scans if there is no good reason to look.
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