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I am a radical and I love his music
I am not sure how to phrase this but I love and hate my country. I live within 2 miles of where I was born. I want on occasion to strike those around me for their lack of community, self defeating I will acknowledge.

In 1912 in Oklahoma was born an excellent chronicler of the real people of the US. I wish that I will remain one of those and my offspring also.

This should be a reminder of what we should be not what we are. It is an hour long so my apologizes for that.
Eerie how that era of political corruption, economic strife and climate problems seems to be repeating. I tend to think the best music, or art in general, comes from eras when there is the most strife.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
If that be the case Seeker, there hasnt been a problem in the western world for near 20 years...
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