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I will hold my nose
I think most here understand that I am in about the 0.5% extreme left in this country. I am looking at my IWW cap right now, of course it is next to my Oakland Oaks cap.

I, because of my politics, read a lot of left wing newsletters. The one I read the most is Counterpunch which today has two articles about why voting for Democrats is futile if you are left of what passes for the middle in this country. A middle that would be considered very conservative or even reactionary in most developed countries. I will follow that advice on all local and state political races.

On the presidential election I will hold my nose and vote for Obama. Understand I am a gradualist. As a gradualist I hope for small moves toward a government more responsive to the needs of people not money and corporations. Obama has not demonstrated one thing that tells me he is trying to do that. So called "Obamacare" is more a gift to the insurance companies than anything else. The only real positive about it is the removal of preexisting conditions as a way to refuse coverage. Obama and the Democrats caved for the most part on the inclusion of family planning services particularly abortion.

But no matter how little I think of his politics I will vote for Obama for one simple reason, the Supreme Court. Four of the justices are over 70 including Ginsberg (who has had health problems) at 79. Of course it includes Scalia at 76 and even a crazed right wing dingbat would be hard pressed to appoint a worse justice. The thought of Romney appointing 4 justices to the supreme court should scare every american. This court is already so structured that anything that money wants money gets. I almost said the court was conservative but that would be incorrect. Conservative among other things implies caution in action, this court has been anything but.

So rather than risk Romney appointments to the Supreme Court I will vote for Obama. What a ringing endorsement for a politician, I would not vote for you for dog catcher but I will for president because I fear greatly what your opponent might do in one narrow area.

I would remind you who are old enough that the Robert Bork nomination was not approved only because he was so batshit crazy he scared even Republicans.
As I see it we either slowly slide into a more conservative state or we catapult ourselves into complete dysfunction. We won't see any real progressives until the utter failure of right-wing ideology becomes painfully obvious to even the most out of touch voter.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
It's quite possible I'm deluded. (Full stop.) However, I'll be voting for Obama unreservedly, not for his political views, though they are substantially similar to my own, but because he seems very much like a good person with his head screwed on straight who can be trusted to the best he can with what he's given, to do the right thing, even when more convenient options are available.

There are many perfectly legitimate things on which to base a voting decision on, including the one described in the OP. This time, for me, I'm going to go with character because it's the first time I've felt it's an option for me and I fear it will be a long time before I can again.
We won't see any real progressives until the utter failure of right-wing ideology becomes painfully obvious to even the most out of touch voter.

Not in your life-time, not in my life-time, not for many many generations yet.
Cynic, I will agree with your assessment of Obama to a certain extent he does seem like a decent person and his chances as a politician are limited by the current state of the country and the Democratic party, which is for the most part filled with spineless tools. I think part of my problem with Obama is I expected more. Something like at least resisting the extension of Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Odd how removing a benefit for the top 1-5% earners should be such a difficult political position to take.

Seeker and TE, I very much agree with both of you. I inculcated into my children the notion that we must accept the current political system and live within it no matter how much we hate it and how flawed it is, because it will be a very long time before it changes. What has astonished me and will continue astonish me is how few people realize how the political and economic systems in the US and most of the world screw the vast majority to make it better for a small number of the wealthy.
I think most realise that the governments of most countries operate in such a way to benefit some over others.

And seeing as you have to have money to go for government in any real sense, well only people with money will be listened to.

The thing that annoys me most are career politicians, people who went through private education, studying Politics in their late teens, going on to study Politics/Economics in their early 20ies and then coming out and straight into a junior position with some political party.

That teaches you nothing about how a government should be run, as much as a History of Physics will not teach you how to apply Physics.
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