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Tori Kelly
Hey guys and gyals, just stumbled upon this voice on ol' YouTube.

Have a listen and tell me what you think.


I think she has a damn good talent, and would like to hear her sing some better songs that simple covers of pop.
Her most recent video is nice.
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YouTube has been a wonderful thing some days.
As someone who very much preferred the Rolling Stones over the Beatles. 2120 S. Michigan Ave. (the home of Chess records) grabbed me very much. I much preferred the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, Dance Hall (pick up Dance Hall 201 if you ever see it), Stax/Volt to Motown, and other examples to their more moderate contemporaries. Although I probably have more Motown singles than Stax/Volt which does indicate a taste for pop as opposed to bash. I do own the complete Stax/Volt singles 1959 to 1968.

The short story is pop does not grab me except in very specific circumstances and Tori Kelley does not do it. Beyonce does to a certain extent but I am not sure that is not because I find her very, very attractive.

I might ask where is Catman when we need him.
In our memories and wonderfully represented in his words he left on the forum.

I think it is unfortunate that many young singers cover the same modern songs, there is a wealth of well written music out there that they would do well to familiarise themselves with.

Do we have an estimate for how long it would take to listen to all available recorded music? Have we passed the lifetime marker yet?
nice little song very nicely sung, I like these two singing together.

As an artist I always try to be open to the fact that art, music and any other creative endeavor you want to include have to evolve or they become stagnant. That doesn't mean I like every evolution that an art form goes through but I find that if I keep an open mind with music that I can always find bits here and there to like.
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Nice find T_E. I think she has a quality, clear voice.

Just weighing in my opinion, though I think show business people like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Gaga, Katey Perry, etc., have talented enough voices I can't personally stomach the material I think their voices are squandered on.
It hurts doesnt it Hypatia, it is like watching someone hammer with an axe. Such a sharp cutting edge going to waste, as it is used as a dull thudding tool.
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