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Political Lies
So I am reading this years voters pamphlet. I am astonished at how many lies that pamphlet may contain. There is in California a proposition that requires food products that contain genetically modified ingredients to be so labeled.

There are some apparent flaws in this initiative proposition as there almost always are (one reason I do not sign initiative petitions even if I agree with them). This does not permit the lies in the arguments against the proposition which are printed in the voters pamphlet.

Huge costs to producers are claimed even though the requirements for labelling are phased in, I suppose one word on a label is very costly. Family food costs will raise some hundreds of dollars anually (the amount not specified because it is in fact 0).

Lies in the service of the monied, why should I be surprised.

I must also state that I have seen an advertisment for a proposition I agree with that also contained a lie. One can become very cynical.
I've been tutoring a friend's fourteen year old in math and history. Her history book is practically a political diatribe that paints American History as a continuing struggle between Republican and Democrat.

I really hate the notion of throwing politics at kids before they have the critical thinking skills to evaluate political positions.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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