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Jimmy Mack
The Vandellas had a brand new hit "Jimmy Mack", so off to the Filmore I went to see them. Detroit deluxe at the corner of Filmore and Geary in the hippie 60's San Francisco. Long dresses and excellent dancing. A weird juxtaposition of styles but I loved it.

Brought on by listening to Laura Nyro and LaBelle, Ms. Nyro dying well before her time.

In case anyone cares the Filmore is a definite blast from the past, if you come to San Francisco visit if you can.
How wonderful you experienced that John, I can only imagine it must have been incredible. Last time I was in San Francisco I was a child and sadly, the Fillmore wasn't on our itinerary.

Is it still used as a concert hall now? If I ever have an opportunity to visit SF again I'd certainly make it a point to visit the Fillmore too.
Hypatia, I don't think the older african-american ladies who passed out apples and posters for the next concert are still there but the hall itself is. I checked out its schedule and it no longer gets the A list acts but that is ok too.

My children took me to see the Skatalites there for my birthday many years ago, great fun. And now you can even get beer and wine.
John, lol. Too bad the ladies with the apples aren't still there, but I didn't think it's currently anything like it used to be. Just was thinking about parts of it being used for other purposes over the years and I haven't paid attention to the kinds of acts it currently attracts.

Now that's the kind of thoughtful birthday gift that creates wonderful lifetime memories. Not that the macaroni shaped hand print on the paper plates and the ties and cologne all didn't create wonderful birthday memories, I'm sure, but just not quite as personal as something like this one.
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