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Scary News from the Book World
Perusing the book review section of the SF Chronicle this weekend I noted two books in the top 5 or 10 of national paperback non fiction best sellers. No. 1 "Proof of Heaven" by some neurosurgeon who suffering from a rare brain disease and in a comma visited heaven. No. 3 "Heaven is for Real" by a child who in a comma after surgery visited heaven.

Aside from my unease that these books are listed as non fiction I am troubled by their popularity and what it says about the country. Check out the Amazon web site, tons of positive reviews.

The child of "Heaven is for Real" is the son of a minister, who actually wrote most of the book. I suspect that the child was led into much of what he thinks he saw. I also suspect that the neurosurgeon is predisposed to religion and chose to interpret what happened to him in a comma in a religious manner. But the source of the books does not effect me, it is how successful they are.

I can imagine that religious leaders all over the country have suggested these books to their followers. I can also imagine that christian radio and other pimps have suggested these books to their listeners.

The big thing for me is the american fear of death and how this fear warps their minds. They will put real money into a fantasy because this world is not enough. The fear of death is so strong that even scientifically trained people like the neurosurgeon will buy into it (he may simply have seen the book as a money maker, but that kind of analysis is above my pay grade). I very much dislike the disregard for the earth that heaven believers have. I think this is very heavily related to their fear of death. They must believe in a better place and that obviates concern for their actual place.

As I have said before here, give me a heaven that is a pool room with free beer and willing women and I am all in. I think I will ask if this is heaven to the next christian who approaches me.
Either they will say "Yes, yes it is" or "No, we do not have bodies in heven".
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